Refrigerator and cooler cabinet LED lighting products

26th March 2018
Daisy Stapley-Bunten

Ledtech UK, the UK arm of one the world’s largest capacity LED manufacturers, has announced a full range of LED lighting products for the retail refrigerator/chiller display cabinet market. Comprising units rated to IP54 and IP65, centre, end, shelf and canopy illumination units are available in a selection of lengths and diameters.

Each unit is available in two colour temperatures with a colour rendering index of greater than 80. Units are also offered in a range of luminous intensities, so users can optimise for brightness or power consumption. More, Ledtech UK offers a range of customisation services including signage and branding, RGB and white illumination for product highlighting, and termination styles.

As well as its series of standard products, Ledtech specialises in the vertically-integrated design and manufacture of custom lighting components, working from the LED chip upwards to produce chiller illuminators that are optimised to suit each application, in terms of optical performance, mechanical fit, and cost-effectiveness.

Ledtech UK director, William Heath, commented: “Ledtech has been very successful in the refrigerator and cooler sector, and one of the reasons for opening our UK branch is to support increased activity in this market in Europe. Our new UK facility offers design, prototyping and assembly facilities, supported by state-of-the-art mass production capability in the new 275,000 square-foot factory in mainland China.”

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