LC-LMD series offers low cost, form factor and ease of installation

21st July 2016
Daisy Stapley-Bunten

The LC-LMD Low Cost Laser Module Diode series is very popular amongst low quantity users for manual alignment applications and machine integrators using thousands of low cost, simple to use, laser modules. This success is accredited to the LC-LMDs' low cost, form factor and ease of installation.

Compared to standard laser diodes which require focusing optics and drive circuits to be additionally purchased, integrated and aligned, the LC-LMDs already contain all of this. Installing the LC-LMDs into a product or system is simple with the only requirement being 3VDC across the pins on the rear of the laser.

To promote the LC-LMD laser module series the LC-LMD-635-03-03-A are for a limited time available for the low price of £7.50 each, providing a great value price for users who are keen to test a cheap and reliable laser in their system.

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