LASER COMPONENTS furthers processes for graded GRMs

24th January 2023
Kristian McCann

LASER COMPONENTS has further its processes for manufacturing and inspecting graded reflectivity mirrors (GRMs) - so-called Gaussian mirrors. With automated in-house solutions, the company is able to guarantee reproducibly high quality and accuracy in the series production of these complex optics. The Gaussian curve of each individual optic corresponds exactly to the profile required by the customer.

From the centre to the edge of GRMs, the reflectance falls off in a Gaussian curve. To achieve this effect, the coating process must be precisely controlled to ensure that the coating is applied accordingly. LASER COMPONENTS has now developed its own software to facilitate application of the coating. After production, the optics are inspected at an automated measuring station.

Gaussian mirrors are required, for example, to generate laser beams with high pulse energies and low divergence. LASER COMPONENTS is one of the few manufacturers of these optics worldwide.

"The production of GRMs is very complex," says Rainer Franke, product engineer for laser optics at LASER COMPONENTS. "It is crucial that the optics not deviate from the customer's specifications because only then can the optics do their job as intended. We have long been known for the high quality of our Gaussian mirrors. In an increasingly demanding market, we are making additional investments to ensure that our customers continue to receive the exact optics that meet their requirements."

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