LASER COMPONENTS Beam Quality Enhancement System

12th February 2024
Kristian McCann

The BQE Beam Quality Enhancement system is designed and optimised to prevent back reflections from the laser process in CO2 systems from re-entering the laser cavity. 

Produced by Haas Lti, the BQE from LASER COMPONENTS preserves the laser’s intra-cavity conditions, mode quality and power stability.  A linearly polarised input beam is converted to a circular polarised output beam.

All mirrors are included in the BQE system including the mounts are available for any input and output configurations, compatible with most major laser manufacturers.  The modular design makes the BQE compatible with the complete Haas beam delivery range including beam benders, beam splitters, beam tubes, and much more.  The BQE system is available in a range of clear aperture options from 19mm to 50mm and is suitable for high powers with water cooling

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