Input couplers for SM, PM and MM fibres

11th February 2016
Joe Bush

Coupling the light of free space lasers into an optical fibre presents a challenge, and is particularly difficult with a small core diameter - as found in single-mode and PM fibres. High precision with very narrow tolerances are required to ensure optimal coupling efficiency. LASER COMPONENTS offer the ConnectFiber fibre coupler for precisely these applications.

The coupling optics feature long term stability and a coupling efficiency of up to 90%, dependent on the laser parameters. A suitable focusing lens is selected to achieve optimal transmission properties from the wavelength (350nm to 3,000nm), laser beam diameter and fibre mode field diameter.

The fibre couplers are available as standard with an FC/PC or FC/APC connection (other connection systems are available upon request). Using a mounting flange they can be connected to the laser. The ConnectFiber is particularly compact with a 40mm x 40mm x 41.5mm housing and can be adjusted along six independent axes.

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