High-performance optical filters for COVID-19 tests

29th June 2020
Alex Lynn

Optical filters play a crucial role in detecting the corona pathogen COVID-19. With the expanded Ultra series, LASER COMPONENTS now offers optical filters that were specifically developed for real-time qPCR tests for the COVID-19 virus. Patient samples can thus be analysed faster and more efficiently. 

The polymerase chain reaction (PCR) is a proven method in which the inactive genetic material of viruses is exponentially multiplied so that it can finally be detected in the laboratory. In quantitative real-time PCR, additional fluorescent dyes are added to the reaction, which become active at a specific point in time during the chain reaction.

This makes both quantitative analysis and detection possible. The performance of this method depends heavily on how accurately the fluorescence wavelength is detected. Bandpass filters that suppress all other wavelengths ensure this. 

Blocking that is greater than OD6 results in bandpass filters that have a transmission in the pass band of more than 95% and a medium wavelength tolerance of less than ± 0.3% at the required wavelength to increase qPCR efficiency. These filter sets are optimally adapted for use with fluorescent dyes such as FAM, Cy5, HEX, JOE, ROX, TexasRed, and TAMRA.  

Not only manufacturers of medical PCR instruments will be able to benefit from them. 

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