Heatpipe-cooled 100W LED floodlight knock-down kit

14th April 2016
Jordan Mulcare

GlacialTech is pleased to announce a heatpipe-cooled floodlight knock-down kit for LEDs up to 100W. The Igloo SS100HP kit gives lighting manufacturers and integrators the flexibility of choosing their preferred LEDs and drivers, and then quickly creating complete lighting units around them. The Igloo SS100HP is rated for 100W CoB or MCPCB LEDs and is also IP66-rated for outdoor use.

The kit includes a thermally efficient heatsink with thermal resistance of 0.6207°C/W, a housing for the light, and a tough, adjustable stainless steel mounting bracket. Options include a reflector, a waterproof glass cover for outdoor environments, and a protective glass lens for CoB LEDs. The integrated heat pipes boost cooling performance, using a closed evaporative cycle to dissipate heat, making the Igloo SS100HP particularly suitable for hot-running CoB LEDs. The Igloo SS100HP’s enhanced cooling protects your LED investment and cuts maintenance costs, as properly-cooled LEDs emit more light, use less energy, and have a longer lifetime.

Despite its compact size, the finned, heatpipe-enhanced aluminium heatsink has a large surface area of 751,376mm2 for highly-effective heat dissipation, giving the Igloo SS100HP an excellent thermal resistance of 0.6207°C/W. This great performance makes the unit a suitable replacement for legacy metal halide lights – instantly bringing very large savings in electricity costs. You can easily match or exceed the performance of old-fashioned metal halide lights in the 400W range, while using far less energy.

The Igloo SS100HP kit let you easily create a custom luminaire that’s perfectly-suited for your project. You can choose CoB, or MCPCB LED lighting modules with the lighting characteristics and drivers most suitable for your unique application. You can configure the kit for outdoor applications with the optional waterproof glass cover. A matching reflector is also available.

GlacialTech uses the finest quality materials, for long product life and low maintenance costs. The rugged mounting bracket is fashioned from durable stainless steel, while other key parts are made of lightweight aluminum with protective and attractive black anode surface treatment where appropriate.


  • Rated for 100W CoB or MCPCB LEDs
  • 0.6207°C/W thermal resistance
  • IP66 suitable for outdoor applications
  • 360° vertical adjustable stainless steel mounting bracket included
  • Waterproof glass cover and reflector available
  • CoB LED lens available

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