Avago Technologies Announces Extended Operating Temperature Digital Optocouplers with R2Coupler Isolation

27th November 2012
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Avago Technologies today announced its ACPL-M49U/K49U/M71U/M72U digital optocouplers, which are new additions to its R2CouplerTM family. These optocouplers provide a wider offering of extended temperaturerange digital optocouplers to the exisiting family and are designed to meetcustomer needs for low power, low leakage, higher isolation voltage and higher common-mode rejection (CMR).
Avago Technologies’ extended operating temperature digital optocouplers are increasingly used in a wide variety of isolation applications ranging from power supply, computing, factory automation, data communications and digital logic interface circuits.

These new digital optocouplers, ACPL-M49U/K49U/M71U/M72U ensure the AC and DC performances over the extended temperature range of –40°C to +125°C. The ACPL-M71U/M72U devices are high speed, low power digital optocouplers with R2CouplerTM isolation and a low power consumption of 1.5mA. The ACPL-M71U uses a high-speed LED to achieve 35ns maximum propagation delay, while the ACPL-M72U uses a low current LED for lower power consumption. The ACPL-M49U/K49U are low speed, high CMR digital optocouplers, both configurable as low power and low leakage optocouplers. An internal shield also ensures a CMR of typical 30 kV/µs at 1500V common-mode voltage.

The ACPL-M49U, ACPL-M71U and ACPL-M72U are single-channel optocouplers in 5-lead small-outline (SO5) packages. The ACPL-K49U is a single-channel optocoupler in an 8-lead small-outline (SO8) package.

All new optocouplers are compliant to industrial safety standards such as IEC/EN/DIN EN 60747-5-5 approval for reinforced insulation, UL 1577 and CSA.

R2CouplerTM isolation provides the reinforced insulation and reliability that delivers safe signal isolation that is critical in high temperature industrial applications.

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