Add a flashing signal to your projects with this LED kit

9th August 2017
Alice Matthews

Electronic components distributor, Jameco, now offers an easy to assemble kit that is useful for beginners or someone looking to add a flashing signal to their scale model projects. The kit is available in red as a solder-free, breadboard-friendly version and a PCB/solder version. The flashing rate is adjustable with the two trimmer potentiometers and is also available in the following colours: orange, yellow, green and blue.

In the red jumbo LED flasher - breadboard kit, two jumbo 10mm LEDs flash in an alternating frequency that you can adjust with two potentiometers. This breadboard version is suitable for beginners to electronic circuit assembly. It is hands-on, and you can see how all the components and connections work together.

Just stick the breadboard to page using the self-adhesive pad, and use the row/column instructions to assemble. If you're ready to test your hand at soldering, the same kit is available with a PCB. You may receive additional components for some parts depending on how they're packaged.

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