5A gate drive optocouplers features unmatched noise immunity

10th May 2016
Jordan Mulcare

Broadcom Limited has announced a new generation of 5A gate drive optocoupler devices, the ACPL-352J and ACNW3430, designed for a wide range of industrial applications including motor drives and power inverters. The devices feature superb common mode transient immunity (CMTI) of up to 100kV/μs, preventing erroneous gate driver failures in noisy environments. Both the ACPL-352J and ACNW3430 support up to 5A rail-torail output current, which eliminates the need of an output buffer circuit, enabling designers to implement cost-effective and power efficient gate driver solutions.

Expanding upon previous generation devices, the ACPL-352J incorporate a set of fail-safe IGBT and MOSFET diagnostics, protection and fault reporting, which has become an integral part of ensuring system reliability and high availability. Both the ACPL-325J and ACNW3430 feature minimal propagation delay with excellent timing skew, enabling high frequency switching to improve efficiency in driving IGBT and SiC/GaN MOSFET.

“Our previous generation of 5A optocouplers has enjoyed tremendous commercial success and differentiated Broadcom from the competition in high current, high speed switching applications. In response to new market requirements, our latest generation of 5A optocouplers with its new added functions and superior CMTI performance enables our customers to deliver more cost effective, energy efficient and robust gate driver solutions and reinforces Broadcom’s commitment to providing high current gate drive optocouplers for industrial applications,” Tze Siong Chong, vice president and general manager of the Isolation Products Division, Broadcom.

Broadcom will showcase the ACPL-352J and ACNW3430 in the Broadcom Booth 7-502 at the PCIM Europe 2016 exhibition in Nuremberg, Germany from May 10th to 12th. During the exhibition, Broadcom will have a demonstration of ACPL-352J driving a Panasonic X-GaN transistor and display an ACPL-352J gate driver board for the Fuji Electric All-SiC power module.

“We are pleased to have Broadcom in a joint reference design and demonstration of the X-GaN and ACPL-352J at the PCIM Europe 2016. The combination of Panasonic’s X-GaN and Broadcom’s latest 5A optocoupler will enable power supply engineers to deliver highperformance, cost-effective gate driver solutions, further establishing the GaN GIT as a technology of choice for high power, high speed switching applications,” said Mr. Yutaka Tanase, CTO, Panasonic Semiconductor Solutions.

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