1064nm sub-nanosecond and nanosecond coherent pulsed laser

23rd May 2024
Sheryl Miles

LASER COMPONENTS is pleased to offer the LASO-BT-1064 from their partner Cybel which is a line sub-nanosecond and nanosecond benchtop pulsed laser designed to produce pulse width as short as 100ps.

This unit delivers high power along with adjustable pulse width and pulse repetition rate at 1064nm.

It is also capable of producing a frequency repetition rate of up to 100MHz from either an internal trigger or alternatively with a user external trigger.

This pulsed laser offers up to 1W at 1064nm and is also available at 1030nm to 1100nm, the unit has an air cooled all PM fibre design as well as a high pulse extinction ratio, low pulse jitter, and excellent output beam quality with an M2 of 1.1.

It has been designed for applications such as diffuse optical tomography, stimulated emission depletion microscopy and biochemical analysis and comes in a turn key 19” 2U rack mount benchtop.

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