PC GaN FETs give benchmark power density and efficiency

14th February 2024
Kristian McCann

EPC GaN FETs set new standards in power density and efficiency for DC/DC conversion, utilising drivers and controllers from Analog Devices (ADI) to streamline GaN design. This collaboration enhances efficiency, minimises cooling expenses, and supports the highest power density in computing, industrial, and consumer DC/DC converters. EPC has introduced several reference designs featuring its GaN FETs alongside ADI controllers.


The EPC9195 synchronous buck converter reference design board demonstrates notable capabilities. Operating at a 750 kHz switching frequency, it transforms a 36 V - 48 V input voltage into a stable 13.5 V output, providing up to 16 A. Its compact dimensions, 28mmx14mm, and a profile under 5mm, including a 3.5mm inductor height, exemplify high-density DC/DC conversion. This converter is particularly suited for converting 48 V DC from batteries or chargers into a typical 12 V load, aligning with the growing adoption of 48 V inputs for enhanced power delivery and cable reduction up to 240W. The integration of ADI’s LTC7891 100V synchronous GaN buck controller with EPC2619 GaN FETs from EPC achieves an exceptional 96.4% efficiency for 48 V to 13.5 V conversion at 16 A continuous current.

Alex Lidow, CEO of EPC, praised the essential role of GaN FETs in maximising DC-DC converter power density and expressed enthusiasm for the partnership with ADI. Keith Szolusha, System and Application Director at ADI, highlighted the compatibility of ADI’s controllers with EPC’s eGaN FETs for achieving superior power density solutions.

The reference design incorporates the EPC Generation 6 GaN FET EPC2619, offering significant improvements over previous generations with its compact size and enhanced performance.

The EPC9158, another reference design, is a dual output synchronous buck converter operating at 500 kHz, capable of converting 48 V - 54 V to a regulated 12 V output and delivering up to 50 A continuous current. This design achieves 96.5% efficiency, demonstrating the effectiveness of the EPC2218/EPC2088 GaN FETs and ADI’s LTC7890 controller in high power density applications.

The EPC9160, designed for automotive console applications, operates at a 2 MHz switching frequency, converting 9 V to 24 V to 3.3 V or 5 V outputs, delivering up to 15 A continuous current for both outputs. Its small size and high efficiency make it ideal for various applications requiring compact and efficient power solutions.

ADI’s controllers, including the LTC7890 and LTC7891, are optimised for use with EPC’s GaN FETs, supporting high switching frequencies and efficient operation. Their evaluation boards feature these FETs, demonstrating the potential for high current delivery and efficient power conversion.

Finally, ADI’s LT8418 and LT8390A controllers are tailored for driving EPC GaN FETs, enabling high-frequency operation and providing comprehensive protection features. Their evaluation boards illustrate the controllers' capabilities in driving GaN FETs efficiently, further demonstrating the synergy between ADI’s controllers and EPC’s GaN FETs in pushing the boundaries of power density and efficiency in DC/DC conversion.

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