Analog Devices expands partnership with TSMC

23rd February 2024
Kristian McCann

Analog Devices has disclosed a strategic collaboration with TSMC, the foremost dedicated semiconductor foundry globally, to secure a long-term supply of wafer capacity from Japan Advanced Semiconductor Manufacturing, a subsidiary of TSMC with a majority ownership located in Kumamoto Prefecture, Japan.

This arrangement marks a further development in the over three-decade-long partnership between ADI and TSMC, providing ADI with an additional source of fine-pitch technology nodes. This expansion is set to support essential platforms within ADI's portfolio, such as wireless BMS and Gigabit Multimedia Serial Link applications. The initiative strengthens ADI's flexible hybrid manufacturing network, enhancing its ability to mitigate external disruptions while facilitating an increase in production and the capacity to scale swiftly in response to client demands.

Vivek Jain, Executive Vice President of Global Operations & Technology at ADI, commented on the partnership's benefits: "Our hybrid manufacturing network affords our clients a significant advantage. In collaboration with TSMC, we aim to offer more robust supply chains, adapt more swiftly to the needs of our clients and fluctuating market scenarios, and direct our investments towards innovative manufacturing solutions that have a positive impact on society and the environment."

Sajiv Dalal, Executive Vice President of Business Development at TSMC North America, expressed enthusiasm about the extended cooperation with ADI, highlighting TSMC's dedication to supporting the long-term capacity requirements of their clients. He noted: "Today's announcement underscores TSMC's commitment to aiding our clients in fulfilling their long-term capacity needs. We are thrilled to further our collaboration with ADI, ensuring a steady and evolving path of semiconductor innovation through strong manufacturing capabilities."

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