Low-power DDR5 DRAM boosts performance in smartphone

28th April 2020
Alex Lynn

Micron Technology and Motorola have announced integration of Micron’s low-power DDR5 DRAM into Motorola’s new motorola edge+ smartphone, bringing the full potential of the 5G experience to consumers.

Micron and Motorola worked in close collaboration to enable the edge+ to reach 5G network speeds that require maximum processing power coupled with high bandwidth memory and storage.

With 12 gigabytes (GB) of industry-leading Micron LPDDR5 DRAM memory, motorola edge+ delivers a smooth, lag-free consumer experience. The new phone takes advantage of the faster data speeds and lower latency of 5G to increase the performance of cloud-based applications such as gaming and streaming entertainment.

“Our collaboration with Motorola on its flagship smartphone highlights the importance that mobile device manufacturers are placing on next-generation memory solutions that provide higher performance and richer consumer experiences,” said Dr Raj Talluri, Senior Vice President and General Manager of the Mobile Business Unit at Micron. “This announcement underscores how the mobile industry is coalescing behind Micron’s LPDDR5 for 5G flagship smartphone designs.”

Micron’s LPDDR5 memory in the motorola edge+ enabled features:

  • Professional photography: The motorola edge+ has one of the most advanced, professional camera systems on a smartphone today. From its 108MP Quad Pixel main sensor (the highest resolution ever in a smartphone) and high-res optical zoom to its industry-leading advanced video stabilization, the phone was designed to capture the moment as users intended. Micron’s LPDDR5 memory provides a performance buffer that improves image processing to provide a seamless latency-free user experience.
  • Enhanced gaming: Motorola is introducing a new gaming feature called Moto GameTime on several smartphones this year. The feature automatically blocks interruptions and gives users access to game-enhancing apps and tools. Micron’s LPDDR5 memory provides higher bandwidth and lower power consumption, enabling consumers to enjoy an improved mobile gaming experience.
  • Immersive entertainment: Powered by Micron’s LPDDR5 memory, Motorola’s flagship phone can completely immerse consumers in their favorite movies, TV shows and games. Stretching 6.7 inches and wrapping nearly 90 degrees around both sides, the “endless edge” display delivers breathtaking scenes and enhances the viewing area for better mobile entertainment. Adding to the visual mobile entertainment experience is high-quality audio. The motorola edge+ has two powerful stereo speakers that deliver deeper bass and crisp, clean vocals, even at higher volumes.

“Consumers continue to seek faster, more efficient and higher performing smartphones, and together with Micron, we’ve created a device that answers these needs,” said Jeff Snow, Head of Premium & Flagship Product at Motorola. “From a more immersive display and crisper audio to professional-grade image processing, integrating Micron’s LPDDR5 memory into the motorola edge+ has allowed us to create a seamless consumer experience that is uniquely its own.”

Designed to address the growing demand for higher memory performance and lower energy consumption across a wide array of markets beyond just mobile — including automotive, client PCs and networking systems built for 5G and AI applications — Micron’s LPDDR5 DRAM memory includes these features and benefits:

  • Bandwidth boosted by more than 50% to accelerate the performance of next-generation flagship smartphone capabilities such as 5G and AI.
  • More than 20% power efficiency as compared to LPDDR4, enabling flagship smartphones to operate longer between charges. As more advanced features are added to medium- and high-end smartphones, the constant demand for battery power continues to increase.
  • Micron’s advanced 1y nanometer node in 12GB capacity and at a data speed of 6.4Gbps improves overall DRAM design, which enables the next-generation features available on the edge+ smartphone.

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