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10th January 2023
Micron delivers high-performance data centre SSD

Micron Technology announced the Micron 9400 NVMe SSD is in volume production and immediately available from channel partners and to global OEM customers for use in servers requiring the highest levels of storage performance.

27th June 2022
Micron announces sampling of 1.5 terabytes microSD card

At embedded world Micron Technology announced sampling to customers of what is said to be the world’s highest-capacity microSD card, the i400, at an unprecedented density of 1.5 terabytes (TB).

29th March 2021
Micron addresses memory and storage hierarchy innovation

Micron Technology has announced updates to the company’s portfolio strategy to further strengthen its focus on memory and storage innovations for the data centre. Micron will increase investment in new memory products that leverage the Compute Express Link (CXL), the recently introduced industry standard interface that enables flexible connection between compute, memory and storage.

8th March 2021
External SSDs deliver performance and portability

Crucial, Micron’s global consumer brand of memory and storage, has launched an expansion of its portable solid-state drive (SSD) portfolio to offer consumers more options for external storage performance, capacity and value at any price point. The new products include the high-capacity 4TB portable SSDat an SRP of $489.95, and a new 500GB portable SSD for an SRP of $69.95.

13th January 2021
Micron delivers 1α DRAM process technology

Micron Technology has announced volume shipment of 1α (1-alpha) node DRAM products built using advanced DRAM process technology and offering major improvements in bit density, power and performance. This milestone reinforces Micron’s competitive strength and complements its recent innovations in graphics memory and 176-layer NAND.

18th November 2020
176-layer 3D NAND flash memory for performance gains

Micron Technology has begun volume shipments of its 176-layer 3D NAND flash memory, achieving density and performance. Together, Micron’s new 176-layer technology and advanced architecture enables gains in application performance across a range of storage use cases spanning data centre, intelligent edge and mobile devices.

4th September 2020
Fast discrete graphics memory From Micron powers NVIDIA

Micron Technology has announced a fast discrete graphics memory solution, GDDR6X, the first to power system bandwidth up to 1 terabyte per second (TB/s). Working with NVIDIA, Micron debuted GDDR6X in the new NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3090 and GeForce RTX 3080 graphics processing units (GPUs), which are tailored to support the fast speeds that immersive, high-performance gaming applications demand.

26th August 2020
Micron's Crucial X6 portable SSD for instant access to digital content

Crucial, Micron’s global consumer brand of memory and storage, has announced the new Crucial X6 portable SSD (solid-state drive). This new transportable, ultra-sleek drive expands the company’s SSD portfolio and offers more value, capacity and performance options, making it well suited for customers who require instant access to all their digital content.

18th May 2020
SSDs with NVMe performance and QLC NAND

Micron Technology has announced new client solid-state drives (SSDs) that bring NVMe performance to client computing applications, freeing laptops, workstations and other portables from legacy architectures that can rob devices of battery power, performance and productivity.

6th May 2020
Open-source storage engine designed for SSDs

Micron Technology has announced a heterogeneous-memory storage engine (HSE), open-source storage engine designed specifically for solid-state drives (SSDs) and storage-class memory (SCM). Legacy storage engines born in the era of hard disk drives (HDDs) failed to architecturally provide for the increased performance and reduced latency of next-generation nonvolatile media.

28th April 2020
Low-power DDR5 DRAM boosts performance in smartphone

Micron Technology and Motorola have announced integration of Micron’s low-power DDR5 DRAM into Motorola’s new motorola edge+ smartphone, bringing the full potential of the 5G experience to consumers.

20th April 2020
Micron 5210 SSD speeds hard disk drive displacement

Micron Technology has announced new Micron 5210 ION enterprise SATA SSD capacity and features, solidifying Micron’s leadership in QLC technology volume production. The world’s first QLC solid-state drive (SSD), the Micron 5210 is based on the company’s advanced QLC NAND technology and quickly replacing legacy hard disk drives (HDDs).

27th March 2020
$35m to support global communities affected by COVID-19

Micron Technology has announced plans to commit $35 million to help those disproportionately affected by COVID-19. The company will launch a new Micron Foundation $10 million relief fund, increase employee gift matching, and introduce financial assistance for team members through grants.

16th March 2020
Universal flash storage for 5G smartphone performance

Micron Technology has announced it began sampling the industry’s first universal flash storage (UFS) multichip package (uMCP) with low-power DDR5 (LPDDR5) DRAM. The uMCP provides high-density and low-power storage designed to fit on slim and compact midrange smartphone designs.

17th January 2019
FPGAs powered by high-performance GDDR6 memory

Memory and storage solutions provider, Micron Technology, has announced that its GDDR6 memory, Micron's fastest and most powerful graphics memory, will be the high-performance memory of choice supporting Achronix's next-generation stand-alone FPGA products built on TSMC seven nanometre process technology.

29th November 2018
Diversity and Inclusion 2018 Benchmark Report

Micron Technology Inc. today announced that it has published its first annual Diversity & Inclusion Report, demonstrating the company’s commitment to building a diverse workforce and inclusive culture reflective of the communities and customers it serves. In addition to the report which benchmarks Micron’s diversity efforts, the Micron Foundation revealed that it is contributing $10 million to fund global programs and activities t...

28th November 2018
Next-Generation FPGAs with GDDR6 for machine learning

Micron Technology has announced that its GDDR6 memory, Micron's fastest and most powerful graphics memory, will be the high-performance memory of choice supporting Achronix's next-generation stand-alone FPGA products built on TSMC 7nm process technology. 

28th November 2018
QLC to Lead Market Transition from HDD to SSD

Micron Technology has announced the next step towards market leadership for its quad-level cell (QLC) NAND technology with immediate broad market availability of the popular Micron 5210 ION enterprise SATA SSD, the world’s first QLC SSD, which began shipping to select customers and partners in May of this year. 

28th November 2018
New Machine Learning Capabilities to Advance Science and Research

Micron Technology, Inc., an industry leader in innovative memory and storage solutions, today announced the company has joined CERN openlab, a unique public-private partnership, by signing a three-year agreement. Under the agreement, Micron will provide CERN with advanced next-generation memory solutions to further machine learning capabilities for high-energy physics experiments at the laboratory.

22nd November 2018
Micron collaborates with German automaker to advance automotive memory

Micron Technology has announced that it will collaborate with the BMW Group to further advance the development of automotive memory solutions used in vehicles. 

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