MacDermid Alpha showcases Electrolube at Productronica

21st October 2022
Sheryl Miles

MacDermid Alpha Electronics Solutions, the global supplier of integrated circuit, assembly and semiconductor solutions for the electronics design and manufacturing industries, will be highlighting their capabilities as a total process solutions provider at this year’s Productronica South China, which takes place at the Shenzhen World Exhibition and Convention Centre, 15 – 17 November 2022.

MacDermid Alpha encompasses a full spectrum of innovative technologies from Alpha, Compugraphics, Electrolube, Kester and MacDermid Enthone brands, giving manufacturers a distinct advantage in sourcing all their application-specific needs in one place.

MacDermid Alpha has been taking a proactive response where innovation is concerned and identifying key areas in the market, rather than a passive reactive approach. Essentially, MacDermid Alpha, supplies solutions across all aspects of the assembly process from PCB manufacturing, PCB assembly and even reclaim and recycling services.  

MacDermid Alpha will showcase its latest low temperature solder material. Designed to mitigate warpage induced defects in temperature sensitive chip-scale packages, the ALPHA OM-565 HRL3 solder paste enhances electrochemical performance over existing low temperature solders and provides excellent compatibility when used in combination with other ALPHA solutions for contact rework applications.

ALPHA OM-565 HRL3 enables superior wettability to minimise post reflow defects such as Non-Wet-Open (NWO) and Head-in-Pillow (HIP). Next gen devices require a larger footprint and thinner form factor design that deliver superior processing power over existing technologies. These next gen packages create challenges for assembly at traditional SMT reflow temperatures. ALPHA OM-565 HRL3 enables a reduction in peak reflow to mitigate common warpage induced defects such as HiP and NWO to improve assembly yields.

Electrolube, the most recent addition to the MacDermid Alpha family of brands is a specialist manufacturer for the electro-chemicals industry. The brand has amassed a wealth of local knowledge and experience pertaining to China’s domestic market since opening facilities in China twenty years ago.

The acquisition has proven successful for both MacDermid Alpha and Electrolube, the latter benefitting from an expansion of their Chinese Technical Support team. The brand has also recently launched a new gen of bio-based conformal coatings and encapsulation resins.

Electrolube’s bio-based products build upon their already strong portfolio of solutions. Not only do these products offer environmental benefits but they also provide high performance protection and increased reliability.

Featured at the show will be a new bio-based polyurethane resins, UR5645, is a tough, two-part encapsulation system ideal for a wide range of applications including automotive and marine.

UR5645 is a highly versatile resin with an operating temperature range of -50 to +150oC and is a low viscosity resin that enables a faster and more efficient potting process. It also provides excellent chemical resistance to acids, alkalis and fuels, ideally suited for the harshest conditions, such as those found in automotive applications. 

Electrolube additionally offer a wide range of conformal coatings and thermal management materials. UVCL is a low viscosity coating with the capacity to cure within seconds of exposure to the correct dosage of UV light. UVCL is one of Electrolube’s next gen of VOC-free coatings, and the product’s low viscosity ensures that it is eminently suitable for selective spray equipment. The secondary moisture cure ensures even shadowed areas can be cured successfully.

Electrolube’s GF400 is an extremely versatile gap filling material, suitable for a wide variety of applications, including e-vehicles and chargers. This two-part silicone-based filling material cures at room temperature but the cure can also be accelerated by heat. An impressive thermal conductivity of 4.0W/m.K is a feature of this gap filler and following cure, a low modulus elastomer avoids pump out phenomenon.  

MacDermid Alpha’s vast interconnection of specialty electronics solutions ensures that manufacturers can access all areas of the electronics supply chain in one place. Visitors to Productronica South China are welcome to visit the team and talk to their technical experts on their application requirements.

Allen Chen, General Manager China, comments: “We are looking forward to attending the Productronica South China exhibition as a group of aligned brands offering cutting edge solutions for manufacturers. MacDermid Alpha has gone from strength to strength in recent years, developing product innovations that really meet the demands of our customers. Our investments and international collaboration with leading OEMs have enabled us to firmly position ourselves in the market as a reliable and trusted ‘one-stop’ provider at every stage of design and production.”

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