Voice activation technology available for audio/voice DSPs

2nd March 2018
Alice Matthews

CEVA has announced the availability of the Nuance AI-powered wake-up and voice activation technology suite on the CEVA-TeakLite family of DSPs. Nuance’s voice activation can be easily integrated into any embedded system design, from always-listening smartphones and IoT devices to smart home personal assistants, allowing users to speak to these devices without pressing a button to activate the assistant.

Tier-1 smartphone OEMs are already integrating this solution, which will be debuted in Spring 2018.

Kenneth Harper, Vice President of emerging solutions at Nuance, said: “At Nuance, we’re at the leading edge of the conversational AI revolution, making it possible for people and machines to communicate naturally and seamlessly.

“When it comes to low-power embedded systems, the CEVA-TeakLite DSPs offer incredibly low standby power consumption for our market-leading voice activation technology, and also the processing power to run additional voice algorithms for further differentiation.”

Moshe Sheier, Director of strategic marketing at CEVA, said: “The combination of our ultra-low-power audio/voice DSP and Nuance’s optimised voice activation technology makes for a highly efficient, always-on solution for the emerging voice-enabled market.

“The benefits of voice-enabled smart devices are undoubted, and Nuance voice activation technology combined with CEVA-TeakLite is ideal for power-sensitive battery-operated devices such as smartphones, headsets and the IoT.”

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