Top 5 IoT products in October

31st October 2023
Kristian McCann

Electronic Specifier takes a look at the top 5 IoT products to have been released in October 2023.

Fairview Microwave launches IoT combination antennas

Fairview Microwave has launched IoT multiband combination antennas for vehicle, fleet and base station connectivity.

Designed to serve the crux of reliable mobile networks, these antennas come equipped with elements that cover 4G, 5G, Wi-Fi and GPS bands, all unified under a single radome. This advancement is particularly crucial for critical service providers such as emergency teams, first responders and fleet management. By facilitating a steadfast link between moving vehicles and dispatch centres, Fairview Microwave ensures seamless communication even in the most challenging scenarios. Read more.

Arrow Electronics adds Truesense Ultra-Wideband portfolio

Arrow Electronics has announced a global distribution agreement with Truesense, a pioneering company in edge AI, software algorithms, and UltraWideBand (UWB) radar and ranging technology, to distribute Truesense modules, development kits, and software.

The agreement lets Arrow’s customers accelerate new product designs by leveraging Truesense UWB modules for roles such as communication, ranging, and localisation, real-time location, asset tracking, gesture detection, access control, and environmental sensing. Read more.

Nordic announces nRF54L Series, expanding its Bluetooth LE portfolio

Nordic Semiconductor, a specialist in low power wireless IoT solutions, announces a significant addition to its nRF54 Series, its fourth generation of Bluetooth Low Energy Systems-on-Chip (SoCs).

The first SoC in the nRF54L Series, the nRF54L15, is perfectly suited for the next generation of wireless IoT products. The SoC targets medical/healthcare, smart home, industrial IoT, VR/AR, PC accessories, remote controllers, gaming controllers, and multiple other IoT applications. The nRF54L Series complements the recently announced nRF54H Series. While the nRF54L Series has wide applicability from high-volume products to more advanced devices, the nRF54H Series possesses the superior processing power and large capacity memory needed for IoT products that previously have been unfeasible. Read more.

NXP brings multimedia to mass-market two-wheelers


NXP Semiconductors has announced a combined digital instrument cluster and connectivity reference platform designed for mass-market two-wheelers, including motorcycles, electric scooters, commuter bikes, and more.

The platform combines the i.MX RT1170 crossover MCU with the integrated AW611 single-chip Wi-Fi 6 and Bluetooth/Bluetooth Low Energy Audio connectivity solution and the KW45 secure wireless access MCU to deliver a highly cost-effective system designed to enhance the user experience of two-wheel mobility. The platform enables high-performance graphics and rich connectivity use cases such as hands-free calling, wireless pairing for smartphone projection, Bluetooth audio, OTA updates, Cloud connectivity, fleet management, secure vehicle access, and vehicle location. Read more.

STEGO smart sensor current: precise measurement of power consumption

STEGO Elektrotechnik, a manufacturer of electrical components, introduces the Smart Sensor Current ESS 076, which revolutionises efficiency and spending in industrial plants.

This smart sensor offers solutions to a wide range of challenges faced by plant operators. As an IO-link sensor, the ESS 076 enables the rapid adjustment of parameters and the transmission of real-time data. With its additional 4–20 mA interface, the ESS 076 can be integrated easily into current projects. Read more.

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