Stream HD video & high-quality, two-way audio over WiFi

12th May 2016
Nat Bowers

GainSpan, GEO Semiconductor and ON Semiconductor have collaborated to introduce a low-power, battery-operated video doorbell reference design, which is capable of streaming HD video and two-way, telephony-quality audio over WiFi networks. Developed in response to the rapidly growing IoT market for video/audio streaming products in the home, the reference design platform speeds time-to-market and reduces product development cost and cycle times for OEMs.

Through this partnership, customers benefit from the leadership each company has shown in its respective field: GEO Semiconductor’s low power, highly integrated video encoder solutions, ON Semiconductor’s leading image sensor solutions and GainSpan’s expertise in low-power, cloud-connected WiFi solutions.

The solution features GEO’s power-efficient MAX64380 video compression chip and ON Semiconductor’s AR0330 CMOS image sensor integrated with GainSpan’s GS2011M low power, WiFi module on a small PCB. The GainSpan GS2011M serves as the system host controller, running embedded streaming protocols and application software, also developed by GainSpan. The platform delivers crisp 1080p (1920x1080) HD video at 30fps and utilises the MAX64380’s internal audio processing features to deliver high quality, full duplex voice audio with on-board acoustic echo cancellation and noise reduction.

The platform is an ideal, low power and cost-effective reference design for internet-connected video doorbell and smart camera products. The platform’s wireless connectivity features and software enable video and audio streaming directly to smartphones that use either iOS or Android operating systems or through cloud connections. The solution comprises hardware and software needed for engineers to quickly and simply add video and audio streaming capabilities into their IoT-based product designs, thereby reducing development costs and accelerating time-to-market. The GS-ADK-Video+FD Audio-1080p ADK is accompanied by a complete software suite, plus a series of sophisticated mobile APIs and mobile demo applications for Android and iOS devices. The ADK is available through GainSpan and its distributors.

Ronald Allard, Vice President, Worldwide Sales, GEO Semiconductor, commented: "GEO Semiconductor is pleased to partner with GainSpan and ON Semiconductor to create system solutions that meet customer needs for emerging markets where low power, high quality video and two-way audio communications are key requirements. GEO believes the rich feature set of this joint design will exceed customer expectations and fill a void in the IoT marketplace."

Central to this solution is ON Semiconductor’s AR0330 1/3-Inch optical format CMOS image sensor, which delivers superior imaging quality in low light conditions. Using its 2304x1296 active-pixel array, this device has the capacity to capture 3MP still images. It also incorporates advanced on-chip camera features, such as column/row subsampling, windowing, mirroring and snapshot modes.

“This cooperative agreement with GainSpan and GEO Semiconductor, and the products that will be derived from it, will have considerable positive impact on the IoT sector. The attributes that each company brings to the partnership complement each other perfectly,” said Radhika Arora, IoT Product Line Manager, Automotive Imaging and Scanning Division, ON Semiconductor. “This allows us to fully capitalise upon the possibilities for video-enabled IoT implementations, in home automation, security, smart lighting, building access and infant monitoring systems.”

“By expanding our partnership with GEO Semiconductor and ON Semiconductor we are providing customers with a truly cost-effective, low-power wireless video and two-way audio platform. Product manufacturers can leverage the system and software integration advantages of the platform to greatly speed up development of their IoT video and audio-based offerings," added Richard Najarian, Senior Director, Solutions Marketing, GainSpan.

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