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29th August 2019
Anna Flockett

Edge computing is becoming increasingly important for the Internet of Things (IoT) and Industry 4.0. Together with Edge technologies, standardised Computer-on-Module (COM), Single-Board-Computer (SBC), motherboards and systems ensure that computing power is available efficiently, quickly and flexibly. However, the processor should be suitable for the respective application.

Kontron's wide range of IoT / Embedded Computing products offer the ability to select computing power according to the application control, visualisation, and connectivity needs. There are several categories to choose from: The COM Expressand Qsevenmodules with x86 architectures from Inteland AMD, as well as Qsevenand the compact SMARC 2.0 modules for the low-end range with Intel Atom, and the latest Arm-based processors from NXP for power-saving applications.

SMARC-sAMX6i: broadly scalable ultra-low power module
The SMARC-sAMX6i is designed for an extremely wide power spectrum. The ultra-low power module is based on the NXP i.MX6 processor family with ArmCortex-A9 and features power-saving graphics and computing power as well as a high level of integration. It is suitable for various embedded applications ranging from e-readers and human machine interfaces (HMI) to building automation or small controllers.

SMARC-sAMX7: for small, performance-critical applications
The SMARC-sAMX7 modules with the highly integrated NXP i.MX7 processors with ArmCortex-A7 are suitable for applications requiring low power consumption. Compared to i.MX6 processors, they use one-third less power, which is a key advantage for mobile, battery-powered devices or edge routers and gateways. The single or dual-core processors of the i.MX7 family can be controlled independently and provide flexible power supply.

SMARC-sAMX8X: more performance with less power
The SMARC-sAMX8X, based on the NXP i.MX8X with ArmCortex-A35, is particularly suitable for use in networked devices in applications such as industrial automation, industrial controlings, robotics and HMI. The Dual- or QuadCore NXP i.MX8X processors are a further development of the i.MX6 family for the industrial temperature range of -40°C to +85°C with scalable performance. Up to three displays can be controlled simultaneously and multiple high-speed interface options ensure comprehensive system connectivity.

Single board computer pITX and Raspberry Pi
The pITX-iMX8M 2.5-inch compact Pico-ITX SBC is equipped with a Dual or QuadCore NXP i.MX8M with ArmCortex-A53 and features high graphics performance and enhanced connectivity. This makes it an ideal, low-cost SBC solution for embedded applications in manufacturing or as an IoT gateway.

SBCs with Raspberry Pi as a compute module can also be used today in various applications such as HMI, M2M, infotainment or data gateways.

SMARC-sAL28: SMARC module with TSN-enabled Ethernet ports
A seamless connection between field level, OT and IT is the central prerequisite for deterministic, Ethernet-based and thus "real", industrial IoT systems. This is made possible by the Time Sensitive Networking Standard IEEE 802.1 TSN together with OPC UA. With the highly integrated SMARC-sAL28 based on the NXP Layerscape LS1028 with ArmCortex-A72, Kontron currently offers the most cost-effective solution for implementing TSN-enabled IoT gateways.

SMARC-sXAL/-sXAL4 for universal IoT applications
The modules based on the latest Intel Atom, IntelPentiumor IntelCeleronprocessors of the 4th generation are available in different versions for the commercial or industrial temperature range and with up to 8GB DDR3 ECC/non-ECC or up to 8GB LPDDR4 memory down. They are suitable for a wide range of IoT applications.

COM Express modules for IoT applications in the medium and high-performance range
Kontron's COM Expressmodules with scalable x86 performance from Intel Atomvia IntelCore i3/i5/ i7 up to IntelServer Class processors for servers, artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning, and powerful CNC controls address the medium and high-performance ranges in edge computing and IoT applications. COM Expressmodules equipped with the 8th-generation IntelCore i7 or with the AMD Ryzen V1000QC processor are suitable for applications that require the highest computing and graphics performance, such as visualisation or image processing.

The COM ExpressCompact Type 6 modules COMe-cWL6 with 8th Gen IntelCore or IntelCeleronprocessors are for the first time also available with the new QuadCore processors with only 15-Watt power consumption. The module is ideally suited as a successor for existing solutions as it takes over their pin assignment and feature implementation. Typical applications include digital signage, professional gaming and entertainment, medical imaging, surveillance and security, and the control of industrial plants, machines and robots both at the shop floor level and from the control room.

Industrial Computer Platforms for IoT Edge Computers and Gateways
Kontron also offers complete IoT-enabled industrial computer platforms, based on its latest COMs, SBCs and motherboards. With the scalable KBox family, production processes can be specifically converted to IIoT scenarios. The standard or customised embedded box PCs of the KBox family are ideally suited as controller platforms for demanding control and visualisation tasks or as intelligent gateways for data-intensive IoT edge applications. While the KBox A-series is based on the SMARC 2.0 standard or a 3.5-inch SBC, the KBox B-series is based on Mini-ITX and the KBox C-series on COM Expressmodules.

The KBox A-203 with an Intel Atomx5-E3930 has been designed as an intelligent gateway with multiple interfaces for data-intensive IoT edge applications such as edge analytics, data collection, and remote monitoring.

Based on COM Expressmodules, the KBox C-102 with the powerful processors of the IntelCore i3/i5/i7 or IntelXeonfamily is particularly suitable for control and visualisation in control cabinets within the automation industry.

Conclusion: There is a solution for any IIoT project
Scalable, pre-defined Computer-on-Modules and SBCs in combination with the latest edge technologies are essential building blocks for the next steps in IIoT. Today, developers can choose from a wide range of products with x86 and Armprocessors to meet their performance, power, and connectivity requirements.

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