VIAVI introduces T/Rx electromagnetic spectrum solution

15th May 2023
Sheryl Miles

VIAVI Solutions has introduced T/Rx, a cutting-edge solution designed to meet the needs of professionals operating in complex radio frequency (RF) environments.

The T/Rx will be on display at VIAVI Booth #F4 at AOC Europe, Bonn, Germany, 15—17 May 2023.

The VIAVI T/Rx is a compact, lightweight, ruggedised system that provides users with the ability to sense, capture, replay, alter, and train RF signals with unprecedented precision and flexibility. Commercial applications include RF environment monitoring and recording, RF generation for network stress and loading, interference detection and analysis, and spectrum deconfliction. Military applications include Signal and Electronic Intelligence collection, electronic protection/support/attack, and interference detection and analysis. The modular hardware and software architecture allows the T/Rx to be configured for different RF environments. Whether for commercial or military applications, T/Rx provides a comprehensive set of tools and capabilities to enable mission success.

T/Rx is designed for ease of use and swift deployment in a variety of environments, including air, sea, and land vehicles, backpacks, and fixed installations. When coupled with the VIAVI Ranger system, the most comprehensive test solution for live analysis or offline forensic RF post-processing, T/Rx allows users to adapt to changing RF environments and create a realistic, dynamic electromagnetic spectrum for any scenario.

“VIAVI understands the importance of providing a modular and easy-to-use solution for our commercial and military and defence customers, and T/Rx is the culmination of years of research and development in transmit and receive signal processing,” said Mark Pickard, Director, Synthetic and Modular, VIAVI. “With the VIAVI T/Rx, operators can easily understand and control the electromagnetic environment with a stand-alone system or with distributed emitters and sensors in larger areas of operation. The T/Rx was developed for complex RF problem solving.”

Product features

  • High performance, modular multi-channel RF architecture
  • High-speed signal acquisition, processing, and storage
  • Real-time signal analysis and generation features
  • Flexible signal recording and playback
  • SCA 4.1 eCo Suite Software Defined Radio Core Framework Environment
  • Intuitive user interface for ease of use and scenario customisation

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