RF front-end module operates in 24.25–30.5 GHz frequency range

26th October 2023
Mick Elliott

Availability and full design support capabilities for a new RF front-end module from United Monolithic Semiconductors is announced by Richardson RFPD.

The CHC6054-QQA is a high-power front-end incorporating transmit and receive paths and a transmit/receive switch.

It operates in the 24.25–30.5 GHz frequency range and is designed for telecom radio systems applications.

The new HPFE typically exhibits an Rx gain of 18 dB with a low noise figure of 3.2 dB, and a Tx gain of 28 dB with +31 dBm saturated output power.

It features high linearity with an ACPR of -36 dBc at +23 dBm average Pout.

It is manufactured on 150nm gallium nitride on silicon carbide (AlGaN/GaN on SiC) and 150nm gallium arsenide and provided in a cost-effective, plastic QFN 4 mm x 5 mm package.

Additional key features of the CHC6054-QQA include:

  • Tx output Psat: +31 dBm (@ 5 dB gain comp)
  • Rx input P1dB: -7 dBm
  • Up to 1024 QAM with EVM < 3.5% at CS 56 or 112 MHz

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