Multi-level RF match for semiconductor manufacturing

26th March 2020
Alex Lynn

Reno Sub-Systems (Reno) has introduced Velocity Multi-level RF matching technology, a technology that can match process impedance changes in microseconds and match sequential multiple power levels with precision. 

Benefits of this approach include plasma stability, accurate power delivery, and fast tuning for accelerated processing times. The new technology targets manufacturing nodes at or below 10nm.

“Reno continues to dominate the industry with our novel and inventive technologies to advance subsystem performance to meet the needs of next-generation semiconductor manufacturing,” said John Voltz, senior vice president, business development at Reno Subsystems. “With orders of our Velocity Matching Networks steadily growing over the past year, technology advances like the level-to-level matching capability truly move the bar for subsystem performance and are exclusive to Reno’s products. We’re already working with customers to integrate this new approach into their volume production environments.”

Reno’s Multi-Level matching provides fast and precise impedance matching for semiconductor processes that use multiple nonzero pulse levels. An RF source provides two or more nonzero pulse levels to the solid-state matching network. Reno’s solid-state matching network treats each pulse level as a separate match, determines parameters and adjusts at least one of the Electronically Variable Capacitors (EVC) to provide the best match configuration for that level.

It also provides flexibility to address the future challenges in RF matching. This technology also enables customers to reduce wafer-level variability through fast matching and reducing the reflected power for each level.

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