ICEpower unveils ICC5 audio integrated circuit

13th November 2023
Harry Fowle

ICEpower A/S has introduced the latest addition to its lineup – the ICEpower ICC5 audio integrated circuit.

This audio integrated circuit (IC) builds on the success of its predecessors, the ICCx and ICEedge, catering to cost-sensitive class D audio amplifiers while maintaining the superior audio quality ICEpower is renowned for.

The ICC5 boasts advanced technology, fast propagation delay, and support for up to a 220V supply voltage. As a high-side and low-side FET gate driver optimised for flexibility, the ICC5 enables high-fidelity sound with minimal noise and distortion, making it an ideal choice for reliable class D amplifier designs ranging from 25W to 4kW.

ICEpower's flexible and scalable platforms, coupled with the ICC5, offer a cost-effective alternative to monolithic class D amplifier chips, especially in the 70-100W and above range. This unique combination provides significantly better audio performance, making it suitable for diverse applications, from consumer hi-fi setups to powerful pro audio rack amplifiers and line arrays.

Key features of ICC5 and ICEpower platforms:

  • Power efficiency: ICC5 enables high power efficiency, allowing manufacturers to create amplifiers that deliver more power with reduced energy consumption. This not only lowers energy costs but also extends the amplifier's lifespan.
  • Reduced heat dissipation: The high efficiency of amplifiers with ICC5 minimises heat dissipation, addressing a critical concern in high-power audio systems.
  • Design support: When utilising ICEpower's Audio ICs, designers gain access to direct support from the IC designers. This support ensures the freedom to create custom designs and leverage existing PCBA manufacturing supply chains, making it an ideal solution for projects with unique requirements or high volumes.
  • Outstanding audio quality: ICEpower’s platforms, including ICC5, deliver excellent audio quality with a very high dynamic range Signal-to-Noise Ratio (SNR) and extremely low harmonic and intermodulation distortion.
  • Key performance metrics:
  • Supply voltage: Up to 220V, enabling class D amplifiers up to 4kW for a Bridge-Tied-Load (BTL) class D amplifier in a 4Ω load.
  • Dynamic range SNR: +125dB dynamic range SNR for a 300W Single Ended reference design (4Ω load).
  • Efficiency and idle power consumption: Notable examples include 96% efficiency and 4W idle power consumption in a reference 300W Single Ended amplifier (4Ω load).

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