CML's CMX994 Direct Conversion Receiver Gets Even Better

24th January 2013
ES Admin
The CMX994 Direct Conversion Receiver integrates an LNA, a high IIP2 I/Q demodulator, DC offset trims, VGA with configurable IF filters, Rx LO frequency divider, Tx LO frequency divider and LO generation circuits to enable high performance, low power, small form factor multiband receivers to be implemented simply and at a low overall cost.
The CMX994's integrated baseband functions feature flexible bandwidth and gain controls supporting RF modulations of up to 2MHz bandwidth. For additional flexibility the updated CMX994 datasheet, Jan 2013, describes the use of external baseband circuits that provide support for modulation bandwidths of up to 20MHz. When using external baseband circuits the CMX994's integrated LNA, I/Q DC offset trim and LO generation functions remain available to optimise receiver designs.

Dissipating only 218mW @ 3.3V for all functions and only 136mW @ 3.3V for its demodulator stage alone, the CMX994 delivers the high IIP2 I/Q demodulator performance needed for true zero-IF receiver designs, without having to perform IIP2 trimming.

With these new capabilities the CMX994 can serve a greater variety of receiver applications including SDR terminals that cover a wide range of modulation bandwidths and carrier frequencies.

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