AntennaWare’s smallest BodyWave antenna at Hardware Pioneers

9th May 2024
Harry Fowle

AntennaWare to reveal smallest BodyWave antenna to date at Hardware Pioneers in significant extension to the company’s UWB product range.

Visitors to the AntennaWare Stand at the upcoming Hardware Pioneers Max (London, May 28-29) will be amongst the first to get to experience the smallest BodyWave antenna the company has developed to date.

Recently launched as part of a significant expansion of the company's offerings in the UWB frequency band, the 8GHz (Channel 9) UWB BodyWave antenna measures just 5x5x2mm, and with no compromise on performance, this brings BodyWave technology to much smaller wearable applications than was previously possible.

The new UWB BodyWave range comes as a direct response to the intensifying interest in UWB as a wireless alternative to the congested 2.4 and 5.8 GHz frequency bands. Interest is particularly strong from the audio, automotive and sports market sectors, where UWB offers precision location tracking and the prospect of Hi-Res (24b bit/96kHz) uncompressed wireless audio.

"As the world moves up in frequency the problem of body blocking becomes even greater for any wireless device placed close to or on the body, which only increases the requirement for the unique properties of BodyWave antennas," explains AntennaWare CEO and Co-founder Dr Gareth Conway.

Also included in the new UWB BodyWave range are the following:

  • 6.25GHz & 8.25GHz (Channel 5-9) UWB BodyWave antenna
  • 6.5GHz & 8GHz (Channel 5 & 9) UWB BodyWave Channel

Put BodyWave to the test in a live environment

In what AntennaWare believes is a first for Hardware Pioneers, the company's antenna experts will run live tests throughout the event, comparing the range and signal strength improvements from BodyWave antennas in wearable applications against commonly used alternatives.

The live tests will span RF frequency bands and a range of applications including audio, healthcare, sports wearables, and industrial IoT asset tracking.

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