PERSIAN: Platform For High-Speed Optical Applications

22nd October 2018
Jacqueline Regnier

To optimize optical systems qualification, TECHWAY has developed an FPGA board up to 4 full duplex links @ 10 Gbps.

Optical communications have become the new standard in the embedded industry with the increasing demand for bandwidth. This demand is driven by new high-resolution sensors and by intercommunications needed among processing units.

To design, qualify and develop new systems based on optical, TECHWAY has designed a ready-to-use solution with the PERSIAN platform.

PERSIAN is a Xilinx Kintex-7 FPGA board which features up to 10 high-speed optical links based on RADIALL D-Lightsys technology.

Thanks to its PCIe Gen2 x4 form factor and its stand-alone capabilities, the PERSIAN board can be operated for three main usages:

• Platform to qualify very high-speed links integration • Platform for optical systems qualification • Platform to realize very high-speed "Proof Of Concept"

In summary, PERSIAN is ready-to-go, easy-to-use, convenient solution to qualify optical systems and build test benches.

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