Exostiv Labs releases Exostiv Blade for remote visibility into FPGA prototypes

27th January 2022
Kiera Sowery

Exostiv Labs has released its range of Exostiv Blade products. With the Exostiv Blade series, the company pursues its target to increase visibility into FPGA-based systems used for FPGA debug, IP Verification and FPGA prototyping of ASICs and SoCs.

Exostiv Blade uses dedicated hardware based on a client server architecture used to extract data directly sampled from inside single or multi-FPGA systems.

Exostiv Blade uses high speed transceivers to stream data sampled from target FPGAs to an external trace memory. More than 1.5 terabytes can be extracted with an aggregated bandwidth of 1.2Tbps with a single Exostiv Blade chassis, enabling simultaneous captures from multiple high-end FPGAs running at operational target speed. Exostiv Blade uses standard connectivity and is compatible with custom or commercial FPGA boards, as well as with major EDA vendors prototyping systems.

As a multi-user appliance controlled over a network, Exostiv Blade enables a multi-site, multi-target test infrastructure providing 24/7 resource utilisation. Exostiv Blade includes an advanced Python scripting interface and session management to allocate resources and run queued and parallel captures remotely.

"Generalised ‘work from home’ and the scarcity of advanced FPGA platforms has certainly given a boost to Exostiv Blade", Frederic Leens, CEO at Exostiv Labs said. "Exostiv Blade fills a gap on the market by providing extremely deep real-time capture capabilities at speed of operation from of any type of FPGA platform - remotely. We are absolutely thrilled to see it hit the market today."

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