Low profile switches provide IP67 dust & water resistance

12th October 2015
Barney Scott

ALPS has developed the “SKTK Series” TACT Switch with IP67 dust and water resistance, suitable for home function switches on smartphones. Smartphones have recently started to include home function switches for greater operability and fingerprint recognition switches for enhanced security. Used frequently, these switches need to provide a pleasant, clear operating feel over a long operating life to maintain the quality of the smartphone.

Smartphone casings have little space to house parts and switches must simultaneously realise a low profile, long travel distance, long life and excellent feel, all without affecting operability. Recognising these market needs, ALPS has developed the SKTK Series TACT Switch, which delivers on all of the above features.

ALPS applied mechanical design expertise accumulated over many years to realise a TACT Switch with external dimensions of 5.9x4mm and a height of 0.78mm for a low profile while at the same time achieving a 0.23mm travel, almost double the travel of existing switches of the same size. An excellent operating feel and a one-million-cycle long life on a par with game controllers have also been achieved and will help to improve the reliability of end products.

To ensure sound reliability, a projection structure was adopted for the metal contact. This both prevents differences in feel caused by position variations during installation and enables stable operation of the switch even when it is pressed from the edge or diagonally. The projection structure used is an “inner projection.” This increases projection strength, thereby improving durability.

Mass production of the “SKTK Series” TACT Switch is already underway.

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