Enhancing patient monitoring systems: A new whitepaper from Display Technology

3rd March 2023
Harry Fowle

Looking for ways to enhance patient monitoring systems? Display Technology's latest whitepaper explores the benefits of using TFT displays with touch options in patient monitoring systems, and how embedded technology is enabling real-time data processing and visualisation.

It also discusses the importance of selecting medically approved power supplies to ensure patient safety.

Here are some highlights from our white paper:

  • TFT displays with touch options provide real-time monitoring, improved accuracy, and ease of use
  • Wide viewing angles and high brightness are crucial features to consider when selecting TFT displays for medical equipment
  • Customising TFT display housing can help promote brand recognition, improve safety and efficiency, and enhance the overall design of medical equipment
  • Embedded technology, such as microcontrollers and digital signal processors, provides real-time data processing capabilities
  • Long-life cycle products can reduce costs for medical facilities and minimise waste generated by frequent replacements
  • Medically- approved power supplies must meet stringent safety and reliability requirements to ensure patient safety

The white paper can be found here https://www.displaytechnology.co.uk/market-sectors/medical-equipment/patient-monitoring

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