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25th September 2023
The dual role of EMI shielding and optical bonding in ADT for defence

In today's interconnected world, industries such as medical, safety engineering, and defence operate under stringent regulations, particularly when it comes to safeguarding against electromagnetic interference (EMI).

2nd August 2023
A rugged tablet redefining durability and performance

AAEON's latest innovation, the RTC-1020 rugged tablet, is now offered through Display Technology.

Control Systems
6th July 2023
Display Technology introduces latest Prisma ECO-V

Display Technology has announced the latest addition to its product lineup, the Prisma ECO-V TFT controller board. 

30th June 2023
AJ Wells fire-rated display screen solution for London tube stations

London's tube stations are renowned for their bustling atmosphere and high passenger traffic. These stations serve as critical transportation hubs, accommodating millions of commuters and visitors daily.

Mixed Signal/Analog
21st June 2023
Enhance your display module or monitor with the IF442 USB Audio Module

Display Technology introduces the new IF442 USB Audio Module, bringing a new perspective to the audio experience for display modules and monitors.

26th April 2023
AAEON's MIX-Q670A1 Mini-ITX Board, the elite IoT solution

AAEON’s new MIX-Q670A1 Mini-ITX board from AAEON, which is now available through Display Technology, is a powerful and versatile board that supports both 12th and 13th Generation Intel Core Processors.

13th April 2023
AUO unveils new square displays in 28" and 44" sizes

Display Technology has added the new square displays from AUO to its portfolio. These displays come in two sizes, a 28" and a 44", and offer good viewing experiences from all directions.

17th March 2023
Display Technology release latest Innolux 7" TFT display

Display Technology has announced  the latest 7" TFT display from Innolux to its product portfolio. 

3rd March 2023
Enhancing patient monitoring systems: A new whitepaper from Display Technology

Looking for ways to enhance patient monitoring systems? Display Technology's latest whitepaper explores the benefits of using TFT displays with touch options in patient monitoring systems, and how embedded technology is enabling real-time data processing and visualisation.

17th February 2023
Disea unveils two new small-size TFT Displays for medical and industrial applications

Display Technology are pleased to offer two new small-size TFT displays from Disea,  that offer exceptional brightness, viewing angles, and temperature range.

14th February 2023
Power Tech: new podcast on the world of power supplies

Power Tech is aiming to be the destination for all things power, including protection, how they work, EMI, and more. Whether you're a seasoned electrical engineer or just curious about the topic, this podcast may be for you!  

1st February 2023
Cervoz launches Power Guard SSD product line

Display Technology has announced the addition of Cervoz's new Power Guard SSD product line to their embedded portfolio. These storage devices are designed to provide extra power protection during sudden outages.  

17th January 2023
Specially designed for 4K medical applications, ARTISTA M4 TFT controller

Introducing the Artista M4 – the latest member of the Artista TFT controller series that specifically caters to TFT displays with unmatched resolutions up to 3840x2160.

12th January 2023
de next generation of SBC

The new de next range of SBCs from AAEON are built to offer exceptional power in the smallest possible platforms.

28th November 2022
High voltage applications

High voltage transmission is often thought of when thinking of high voltage applications, however there are many applications that require a high voltage power source to be able to operate at all. The definition for high voltage applications varies by industry and region. For example, the IEC defines high voltage as anything above 1kV for AC and above 1.5kV for DC, in automotive engineering high voltage is anything above 60V.   The primary u...

News & Analysis
28th November 2022
New report on innovation trends in the railway industry

A new report is available to download on 8 Innovation Trends Effecting the UK Railway Industry.

1st September 2022
Portable Dialysis machine encompasses TFT LCD display

NHS patients who suffer with kidney failure will now start to experience a more relaxed experience when connecting themselves to a dialysis machine.

26th July 2022
Display Technology announces availability of AUO 46” Sunlight Readable TFT LCD Displays

Bridging the large format size demand between 40” and 55” TFT LCD displays. Display Technology can offer the AUO 46” high brightness displays designed for the outdoor and public information markets.

7th July 2022
3.5” TFT LCD display offers a brightness of 1000cd/m²

Display Technology Ltd are pleased to add the 3.5” TFT LCD display from Disea, ZW-T035SGV-05 to their portfolio.

24th June 2022
PICO-ITX board offers 4K resolution

Display Technology have just added the latest PICO-V2K4, to their embedded portfolio. Part of the AMD RYZEN V2000 embedded Processor family from AAEON has been designed to cater for Medical Imaging, Industrial Automation and Embedded Gaming. The new PICO board offers 4K resolution graphics through its dual LAN chip, 4 display ports, and on-board TPM.

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