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Prevent quality issues by zooming in on PCBs

7th November 2018
Alex Lynn

Preventing mistakes or defects in manufactured products and avoiding problems when delivering solutions or services to customers are natural concerns to EMS providers. Digital microscopes integrated as part of the Quality Assurance in production and R&D departments can often play an important role to clear these concerns.

When inspecting bare solder boards, connectors or other components, digital microscopes allow the operator to zoom in on the product to either proof quality or to detect mistakes and defects and thereby change the production setup, preventing errors to continue. 

By adding digital documentation possibilities, the user is also able to provide sufficient documentation material to customers and own documentation process. Furthermore, adding measurement and verification apps to the digital microscope enables the operator to further improve and ensure quality by measuring and validating the product.

Inspection of PCB prototypes

Quality Assurance using a digital microscope could also be used by R&D engineers who need to inspect a prototype of a board manually, since there is currently no procedure to inspect it automatically.

This process is also called First Article Inspection (FAI) and is crucial to prevent quality issues later on when the product hits production and thereby the damage is far less comprehensive.

Digital microscopes from Scandinavian TAGARNO

TAGARNOs digital microscopes create high factory utilisation rates, since the digital camera microscopes are used frequently and are often shared among multiple departments. 

A digital microscope also allows you to capture digital images, creating quick image viewing, capturing and sharing capabilities, creating better communications and enhancing cooperation between employees and across the entire organisation.

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