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27th November 2023
TAGARNO’s new T50 equipped with SONY's 4K/60FPS camera

TAGARNO is proud to announce the successful introduction of the TAGARNO T50 with a 4K/60FPS block camera from SONY at productronica 2023.

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15th November 2023
TAGARNO given 2023 GLOBAL Technology Award for best product

TAGARNO is pleased to announce that it received a 2023 GLOBAL Technology Award. The prestigious award was presented in the category of Best Product - Europe for the innovative TAGARNO ZIP with Foot Switch. 

11th October 2023
TAGARNO’s new 4K/60 camera digital microscope

TAGARNO will release its digital microscope featuring a 4K camera with an unprecedented 60 frames per second at productronica.

26th September 2023
TAGARNO enhances digital microscope with lighting accessories

TAGARNO is offering lighting accessories which provide users with enhanced capabilities to make the most of their digital microscopes, enabling precise and efficient inspections across various applications.

7th June 2023
Best selling measurement app for digital microscopes

TAGARNO, a provider of digital microscopes, is pleased to announce the best-selling measurement app – its highly acclaimed TAGARNO Measurement app.

28th March 2023
How to use a digital microscope for soldering and PCB inspection

TAGARNO has developed a new ‘how to’ guide for implementing digital microscopes for soldering and PCB inspection.

20th February 2023
Unprecedented stability at 600x magnification on new digital microscope from TAGARNO

TAGARNO’s new FRONT digital microscopes solve a common problem for microscope operators: interference from nearby vibrations. With its unique design, FRONT significantly reduces camera movements caused by someone walking past the microscope station or vibrations from a nearby machine, creating an excellent user experience.

Component Management
7th November 2018
Prevent quality issues by zooming in on PCBs

Preventing mistakes or defects in manufactured products and avoiding problems when delivering solutions or services to customers are natural concerns to EMS providers. Digital microscopes integrated as part of the Quality Assurance in production and R&D departments can often play an important role to clear these concerns.

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