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Kontron releases multilingual capabilities to software

15th February 2024
Kristian McCann

Kontron enhances its industrial software offerings for cross-industry automation solutions by introducing multilingual capabilities. This new feature enriches the EquipmentCloud digital transformation solution by facilitating the AI-driven automatic translation of static texts into over 28 languages, streamlining international communication.

This enhancement allows Kontron AIS to bolster the EquipmentCloud digital transformation platform with the inclusion of an AI-powered, automatic translation feature for static texts, leveraging the DeepL API. This integration enables mechanical engineering firms to effortlessly translate and disseminate content on customer platforms in over 28 languages, ensuring seamless cross-border communication. The translation feature is designed to blend seamlessly across all eleven modules of EquipmentCloud, simplifying the creation and distribution of multilingual system emails, checklists, templates, maintenance schedules, and tailored notifications. Moreover, the Monitoring module benefits from the translation of KPI models, alarm classes and texts, machine statuses, process values, along with articles, feeds, and knowledge entries, all translatable at a single click.

Eliminating the need for external translation services, EquipmentCloud offers near-instantaneous translation of new content at substantially reduced costs via API calls. By necessitating content preparation in only one source language, it accelerates the rollout of new materials. Users can select their preferred language in their profile settings, lowering language barriers, reducing misunderstandings, and enhancing international communication in their native language. Consequently, EquipmentCloud lays the groundwork for effective customer communication and swift international support, setting a new standard in global business engagement.

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