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Plasma systems for wafer-level and 3D packaging applications

2nd July 2015
Jordan Mulcare

Nordson MARCH announces its recent SPHERE series plasma systems for wafer-level and 3D packaging applications. Based on Nordson MARCH's TRAK Series, the series consists of the TrophoSPHERE and StratoSPHERE plasma treatment systems. The systems perform descum, ashing (photoresist/polymer stripping), dielectric etch, wafer bumping, organic contamination removal and wafer destress.

Both systems support automated handling and processing of round or square wafers and can process thin wafers with or without a carrier, depending upon the wafer thickness.

The models are differentiated by the size of their chambers. The TropoSPHERE system has the smallest chamber. It is designed for high-throughput processing of semiconductor wafers and other flat substrates in sizes ranging from 76 to 200mm in diameter for wafers held in open cassettes.

The StratoSPHERE plasma system handles semiconductor wafers up to 300mm in diameter. Both series utilise a patented plasma chamber design that provides exceptional etch uniformity and process repeatability. The control architecture enables short plasma cycle times with very low overhead, ensuring that throughput is maximised and cost of ownership is minimised.

"Nordson MARCH's SPHERE Series is an easy way to eliminate problems caused by contaminants that result from the semiconductor manufacturing process," said Jonathan Doan, Director of Marketing, Nordson MARCH. "Our plasma treatment can be used for both wafer cleaning and a variety of etching, ashing, and descum steps along with contamination removal, surface roughening, increasing wettability, and enhancing bonding and adhesion strength. I invite SEMICON West attendees to meet with our technical experts at the Nordson MARCH booth #5743 to discuss how plasma treatment can improve the quality and success of their manufacturing process and products."

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