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More applications for thread sealant

27th June 2016
Peter Smith

Henkel has just confirmed that one its most popular thread sealants, LOCTITE 577, has been “reformulated”.  As well as being more tolerant of oil, this medium strength, anaerobic sealant for all coarse threads also has greater temperature resistance and improved curing on passive metals such as stainless steel.

This general-purpose sealant is part of a family of products that are proven to provide a reliable alternative to tapes and pastes, preventing leakage of gasses and liquids.  This single component product is clean and easy to apply and can be used on any size pipe fitting.  The resultant seal resists vibrational loosening and other stresses and will not creep or shrink.  It prevents galling and corrosion in the thread and eliminates seizure.

The latest generation of LOCTITE 577 is designed to be used in common production and maintenance conditions and provide a consistent cure, even on oil contaminated surfaces.  The new formulation also provides improved curing on passive metals with an activator.  This simplifies the application process and supports the use of corrosion resistant pipes and fittings.

Higher service temperature is another benefit of the new LOCTITE 577.  Its range is now -55°C to +180°C, 30°C higher than its forerunner.  This product remains well suited to overhead applications, as its viscosity prevents dripping.  As before, this popular sealant meets P1 NSF, DVGW and WRAS approvals. 

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