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Equipment protection simplified with water-based removable coating

2nd January 2019
Alex Lynn

The VpCI-391 water-based coating from Cortec is best suited for transit and storage protection options for equipment manufacturers, suppliers, and owners. This removable coating delivers exceptional corrosion protection for indoor and outdoor applications and dries to a thin, clear film which is virtually unnoticeable. VpCI-391 can be used to protect both unpainted and painted surfaces, as well as to prevent dissimilar metal corrosion.

The biggest advantage of VpCI-391 is that, as a water-based coating, it is much easier to use and clean up than solvent-based systems. It can be easily removed from equipment or structures using alkaline cleaners, however, this is not always necessary because of the coating’s clear non-tacky appearance. These characteristics make VpCI-391 an excellent alternative to applying traditional thick heavy waxy or greasy products like COSMOLINE or Tectyl, which are messy to use, difficult to remove, and do not leave a clean appearance.

VpCI-391 protects metals from corrosion in many indoor and outdoor storage or transit applications. It is used in some of the toughest climates in the world, including industrial and offshore environments. Typical applications include: heavy equipment, machinery, vehicles, piping and structural steel.

VpCI-391 is gaining popularity with manufacturers who have found it to be an excellent option for transit protection of newly made equipment. Before shipment, manufacturers can spray VpCI-391 over door handles, hydraulic connections, wheel hubs, chassis, or anywhere they have noticed a tendency for corrosion. VpCI-391 has been used to safely transport fire trucks, heavy equipment, and complex oil rig equipment, as well as to protect pipes and equipment from deterioration in outdoor storage yards.

VpCI-391 is a single component system with no mixing required. It can be applied via spray, brush, roll, or dip. VOCs are less than 0.5 pounds per gallon (48 g/L). The coating goes on white and dries clear, or it can be tinted to a specific colour if desired. VpCI-391 does not harm plastic, so overspray on plastic components is not a concern.

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