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Efficient automated vacuum pressure soldering system

13th May 2019
Alex Lynn

Total process solutions provider for advanced photonics, Palomar Technologies, has announced that SST Vacuum Reflow Systems, has launched the SST 8300 Series Automated Vacuum Pressure Soldering System. The series, consisting of single and triple chamber systems provides a reliable solder connection with a better than industry standard void rate, a key to delivering high-reliability power modules for automotive and commercial applications. 

A.J. Wilson, President of SST Vacuum Reflow Systems and CMO for Palomar Technologies commented: “The electric vehicle market is exploding and one key to the successful rollout is mass availability of affordable and reliable power modules.

“In addition to higher volumes, power modules are expected to be more efficient and to be able to operate under more stressful conditions, such as higher temperatures and more power cycles. Our new automated vacuum pressure soldering system succeeds in providing both high volume and high reliability for the assembly of power modules.”

The SST 8300 Series Automated Vacuum Pressure Soldering System differs from current systems on the market by utilising SST’s system of applying both vacuum and gas pressure to achieve an extremely low void ratio for the soldering interface of key components inside a power module, especially for DBC-to-baseplate soldering.

The power module market is actively seeking a flux-free solder process that achieves low void rates, which provide for higher reliability and longer life. Other industry segments with a demand for highly reliable power modules include power converters for wind turbines, photovoltaic solar energy systems, and other renewable energy applications, as well as industrial motor controls and large scale medical devices.

Specific applications include: IGBT/SiC/GaAs/GaN die attach, CPV solar cell assembly, die attach for pressure sensors, hermetic sealing of high-reliability packages, high intensity LED attach, hermetic sealing of IR image sensors, copper clip soldering, high power laser module assembly, and multilayer ceramic capacitors.

Other benefits of the 8300 Series include:

  1. Automated high-volume production vacuum pressure soldering system.
  2. Enables low-void solder connections with preforms or with solder paste.
  3. Offers maximum flexibility for processing a wide range of solder alloys and other alternative interconnect materials.
  4. Each chamber of the SST 8303 runs a complete process allowing multiple processes to be run in parallel.
  5. Flexible configuration for any production line: single (8301) or triple (8303) chamber.
  6. Oxide removal technology using formic acid or forming gas.

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