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Calibration of 2K conformal coatings demonstrated

In response to ever increasing performance challenges, Electrolube has developed a new generation of two-part 2K conformal coatings to provide even greater protection. 2K coatings match the protection offered by an encapsulation resin with the easy application of a coating and have been rigorously tested in a variety of harsh tests, including thermal shock, powered salt-spray, condensation and mixed flowing gas (MFG) testing, with unprecedented results.

The 2K has proven a popular product with the market and with a simple valve modification to existing dispensing equipment, and some software upgrades, the system is ready to go following calibration.

In a new ‘how-to’ video, Electrolube demonstrates how to set up and calibrate equipment for the 2K series following the installation of the valve. Once the 2K coating material is within the static mixer, the reaction agent will begin to respond and start curing the coating. It is imperative to purge regularly at each stage of calibration to ensure that any cured material in the machine is flushed through to achieve the desired effect from the coating process.  

Calibrating the machine will be assisted by your machine supplier. Electrolube has been working with machine manufacturers such as PVA, Mycronic and Nordson Asymtek to produce their valves, ensuring they are suitable for 2K materials. The main differences between the 2K coating applicators and single-component applicators are the twin progressive cavity pumps, leading to the static mixer.  There are some software alterations also where there are options for coating only, reaction agent only or mixed material.

There is also the all-important purge button, which is important for avoiding blockages when material has been left too long in the static mixer, and a new tab that includes information regarding the mix ratio, flow rate and temperature. Unlike traditional coatings, the flow rate should always be controlled within the software, rather than adjusting the micrometre.

Ron Jakeman, Electrolube’s Managing Director said: “Following the successful launch of our 2K series of Conformal Coatings, we have often been asked how they work and what the differences are between applying 2K coatings versus traditional solvent-based materials. To answer this, plus other very frequently asked 2K questions, we have created a series of videos to demonstrate production set up and the application of 2K material. This illustrates how easy it really is to transition to 2K materials.”

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