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Blocked keyways to become a thing of the past

14th January 2020
Anna Flockett

Wrekin Products has created GritBlocker; a solution to blocked keyways, which can encourage unsafe removal methods of manhole cover lids and lead to wasted time on site. Manhole cover lids are removed by inserting and rotating the correct key into the keyway before safely lifting the lid from the frame. However, keyway pockets often fill with debris such as grit and stones, which prevents the use of the lifting key. This makes it more likely that the operative will remove the lid in an unsafe manner or that they will have to spend valuable time clearing the clogged keyway.

GritBlocker, a foam insert that sits in the keyway to stop debris ingress and which remains in place whilst a key is inserted and rotated, solves both of these problems.

Simon Gibson, technical director at Wrekin Products, said: “We understand the problems that groundworkers face during their day to day work; solving these issues effectively is what Wrekin does best and we believe we’ve done it again with GritBlocker. It’s an incredibly simple solution that saves time and improves safety.”

To mark the launch of this innovative solution, thousands of Wrekin manhole covers across the country will have GritBlocker pre-installed for free. You can find these covers by looking for the distinctive Wrekin yellow GritBlocker tag attached to the frame at your local supplier or merchant over the coming months whilst stocks last.

GritBlocke™ will also be sold separately and can be installed on virtually any cover.

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