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Barrier coating makes paper and linerboard a recyclable alternative

4th January 2018
Peter Smith

A waterborne moisture barrier coating developed by Cortec gives paper manufacturers the ability to create non-toxic, effective, environmentally friendly paper and corrugated-board alternatives to wax and polyethylene papers. By applying EcoShield Barrier Coating onto their Kraft paper, recycled paper and linerboard, manufacturers can produce fully recyclable and repulpable paper and boxes that resist moisture, oil, and grease.

Historically, polyethylene and wax coatings have been used to seal porous paper, corrugated boxes, and sheets to provide a moisture barrier and/or moisture-vapor barrier to these substrates. The resulting paper product is an environmental problem and cannot be recycled through normal channels. In contrast, papers or linerboard coated with EcoShield Barrier Coating remain fully recyclable and repulpable while achieving a very low moisture vapor transmission rate (MVTR) comparable to that of polycoated or waxed paper. The coating also has a high kit value rating of 12 indicating excellent oil and grease resistance. If desired, manufacturers can increase a paper’s level of moisture resistance by applying a thicker coating of EcoShield Barrier to the paper or linerboard substrate.

The dual moisture and grease resistance of EcoShield Barrier Coating creates a packaging material that helps seal out moisture or other contaminants (which could damage packaged goods) while protecting against leakage or packaging failure for items that have greasy characteristics.

The application of EcoShield Barrier Coating also enhances a paper’s physical properties such as burst, tear, and tensile strength; elongation, folding endurance, coefficient of friction, and smoothness. EcoShield Barrier Coating can be applied by most common paper roll coaters, including gravure, flex, air-knife, reverse-roll, etc. Drying temperature is 180°-200°F (82°-93°C). Suggested coating weights are 8-11 pounds per 3000 square foot ream (13-18 g/m2).

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