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A new generation of all-in-one medical computers

18th May 2020
Alex Lynn

ADLINK Technology has introduced its new generation of all-in-one medical computers, MLC 8 series, to help hospitals in digital transformation. Digital transformation with benefits of improved efficiency and quality of patient services and care is sweeping the healthcare sector.

Under the grand plan for digitisation, ADLINK’s MLC 8 series offers hygienic design, superb performance, and configuration versatility tailored to meet application requirements for better patient care.

Medical computers that ensure high-quality patient care, support data exchange and processing, and are designed for high reliability in mission critical procedures play an essential role in today’s digitised healthcare institutions.

André Fortdran, Product Marketing Manager Medical at ADLINK, said: "Representative of these are our MLC 8 medical computers, available in 21.5, 23.8 and 27” diagonals. Thanks to the 8th generation of Intel Core processors, they offer high computing power and convincing graphical representations. The MLC 8 series comes with a completely sealed and easy-to-clean housing, touch control buttons on the edge-to-edge protective glass, which are visible depending on the use of the device in landscape or portrait orientation, and an LED indicator light bar.”

The MDD class I certified MLC 8 adapts to the respective requirements and budget specifications due to the manifold configuration options and is used, for example, for patient vital signs monitoring, in anesthesia documentation, for clinical diagnostic support, and PDMS systems.

The IP54-rated MLC 8 series features completely sealed aluminum housing for easy cleaning. Due to the unique design without disturbing visible screw heads and venting holes, the MLC 8 series can be easily and quickly cleaned with all common disinfectants and cleaning agents. This ensures a high level of hygiene in exceptionally sensitive environments such as the OR.

The MLC 8 series has been designed with extensive I/O flexibility and features two high-resolution DisplayPort outputs for connecting external monitors. Mobility and flexibility are ensured by 4 internal slots for additional storage media, frame grabbers, Wi-Fi/ Bluetooth and RFID modules as well as PCI Express expansion cards. Data loss prevention is provided by the optional UPS backup battery.

In addition to the permanently installed galvanically isolated network connections, the MLC 8 series can optionally be equipped with galvanically isolated USB and serial interfaces for connection to external non-medical devices.

Compliant with 2x MOPP, the MLC 8 series is classified as class I medical device under the MDD and meets the comprehensive requirements of the current standards IEC / EN-60601-1 (edition 3.1) and IEC / EN-60601-1-2 (4th edition).

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