Kontron Announces SYMKLOUD Cloud Infrastructure Platform Concept

23rd January 2013
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Kontron today announced the SYMKLOUD series of cloud platform solutions, designed from the ground up to transform and simplify how providers of network equipment and cloud services deploy web-based, machine-to-machine, and mobile applications in cloud infrastructure. This exciting new introduction fills the innovation gap among a fractured market of commodity and cloud servers that disregard energy consumption, are over-sized in depth, and are too complex to efficiently scale and manage.
We thought it was time to bring a new idea into the cloud computing space, said Robert Courteau, Kontron General Manager, Americas. Among all the players selling public, private or hybrid hosted services, the requirements for cloud infrastructure are constantly changing. Between commodity and carrier grade servers, there is a new middle ground that cloud service providers covet but is not being addressed. We strongly believe Kontron SYMKLOUD is a major step in the right direction.

Rob Bamforth, Principal Analyst of Business Communications at Quocirca Ltd and reference for SYMKLOUD, said: For Mobile Network Operators, the efficient delivery of subscription-based applications and services is becoming a key focus as it is starting to affect their end-user reputations. Without the right infrastructure and systems, operators will end up with unfulfilled tariff promises, making their charges unjustified. MNOs need to invest in the type of platforms that not only deliver a wide range of bandwidth hungry applications to their end-users, but also allow for cloud-based services to support M2M and Internet of all things communications to ensure they can scale and be managed effectively.

As an agile new entrant into the cloud computing space, Kontron drew inspiration from its extensive carrier grade and network server platform design experience to conceive of an entirely new concept dedicated to the real-world requirements next-generation data centers.

The result is the Kontron SYMKLOUD series of cloud platforms, a symbiotic and modular integration of switching, load balancing and processing, all into a low power and compact 2U, 21-inch deep design that supports five-nines High Availability.

Simplifying 42U rack and cluster configurations, the Kontron SYMKLOUD series requires 4 to 8 times fewer fiber and copper cables thanks to its integrated switching infrastructure. Its extensive power management adapts power consumption to the actual workload, as the platform dynamically powers up or down processors independently for significant energy savings. Its overall modular approach makes the SYMKLOUD series processor agnostic and capable of running multiple applications across multiple independent low-power, high-performance processors.

The idea was to design a server that was more than just a server; a platform that made it incredibly easier to build out cloud-based networks. We successfully engineered a cloud platform that is thoroughly versatile, condensed with rack-level functionalities, and still attractively priced for a cloud computing market, said Benoit Robert, Kontron Executive Director, Product Management, Communications Business Unit. Kontron SYMKLOUD is a bold new concept ready to make new converts among cloud service providers.

Kontron SYMKLOUD MS2900 Web platform

The first in the series of Kontron's new cloud platforms is the SYMKLOUD MS2900 Web, ideal for web-based and M2M applications in cloud computing environments. Only 2U in height and 21 inches (533.4mm) deep, the Kontron SYMKLOUD MS2900 Web has integrated single or redundant L4 to L7 switching, up to 2 load balancer subsystems, and up to nine independent Intel Xeon E3-1265 Lv2 Quad-Core processors. All switch, load balancer, and processor subsystems are hot-swappable. Storage options include up to 13.5 TB (more upon request) of HDD or SSD 2.5 drives. In addition to its power management controls, the Kontron SYMKLOUD MS2900 Web provides additional energy efficiencies by only requiring 1100W redundant AC or DC hot-swap, power supplies.

Rack Configurations

The Kontron SYMKLOUD MS2900 Web supports clusters of eight (2U) units and up to 2.5 clusters per 42U rack, when not populated with other equipment. Only one load balancer subsystem is required to support one cluster. This configuration scenario translates into 186 multicore processors per 42U rack. The Kontron SYMKLOUD MS2900 Web's load balancing in combination with its high uplink capacity means each 42U rack can be effortlessly configured and managed without the need for additional space hungry and costly equipment.

Platform and Cluster Management - simplified

Kontron has made sure platform and rack-level software updates are as easy as possible, featuring a 1-Click Update Web GUI platform management, integrated BMC with advanced options, support for SNMP and IPMI 2.0, and remote management for diagnostics and provisioning.

Kontron Integration Services and Reducing the 'Time-to-Market'

From initial product conception to market deployment, Kontron eases the complexities to manage the validation and integration of all building-block hardware and software components - right up to the client's application layer. Kontron integration services tailor its cloud and telecom platform solutions to match the requirements of any new infrastructure application for an appreciably lower total cost of ownership.

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