Master transceiver ensures robust communications

12th June 2017
Alice Matthews

Following the introduction of the MAX14819 dual-channel, IO-Link master transceiver from Maxim Integrated Products, designers of Industry 4.0 applications can now achieve robust communications and reduce power dissipation by 50%. Today’s fanless programmable logic controller (PLC) and IO-Link gateway systems must dissipate large amounts of power depending on IO configuration (IO-Link, digital input/output, analogue input/output).

As these PLCs evolve into new Industrial 4.0 smart factories, special attention must be considered to achieve smarter, faster, and lower power solutions while also meeting IO-Link and standard IO (SIO) compliance.

Maxim continues to provide a portfolio of advanced factory automation solutions that creates pathways toward achieving Industry 4.0. The architecture of the MAX14819 dissipates 50% less heat compared to other IO-Link Master solutions and is compatible in all modes for IO-Link and SIO compliance. Robust L+ supply controllers with settable current limiting and reverse voltage/current protection help ensure robust communications with the lowest power consumption.

With one microcontroller, the integrated framer/universal asynchronous receiver-transmitter (UART) enables what Maxim claims to be the most scalable and cost-effective architecture while enabling the industry’s fastest cycle times (up to 400µs) and reducing latency. The MAX14819 is available in a 48-pin (7x7mm) TQFN package and operates over the -40 to 125°C temperature range. Applications include IO-Link master systems and IO-Link gateways.

Key features:

  • Low power dissipation: Low on-resistance, low supply current, and optimised current limiter architecture for significantly lower power consumption
  • High performance: Integrated internal framer/UART enables what the company claims to be the most flexible architecture while still achieving the fastest cycle times to achieve the lowest bill of materials (BOM) cost by eliminating the UART dependency from the microcontroller
  • Robust: 65V absolute maximum ratings and reverse polarity protection help to meet full compliance with IO-Link (1.1.2) and SIO (IEC61131-2, IEC61131-9) modes; also operates with NPN type sensors

“Maxim’s experience with implementing IO-Link into their products brings a powerful presence in our efforts to further adopt this technology in the market,” said Shinichi Motoyoshi, Chairman of Japanese PROFIBUS Organisation. “With the recent launch of Japan’s IO-Link community this past April and significant growth in this market, Maxim’s new product announcement is very timely.”

“As a member of the IO-Link Consortium and the Japanese PROFIBUS Organisation, products like Maxim’s new IO-Link transceiver demonstrates the company’s strong commitment to provide customers with high-performing, ultra-low power solutions for the industrial market,” said Timothy Leung, Executive Business Manager of Industrial & Healthcare at Maxim Integrated. “The MAX14819 enhances Maxim’s IO-Link technology portfolio to advance the concept of flexible manufacturing and improve both factory throughput and operational efficiency.”

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