Kontron launch 5G campus network for German facility

28th February 2024
Kristian McCann

Kontron has inaugurated a commercial 5G campus network at its production and warehouse facilities in Augsburg, Germany, operated by Kontron Europe GmbH.

The 5G Standalone Core network introduced by Kontron represents a cutting-edge solution, offering secure and efficient 5G connectivity specifically tailored for industrial applications. This pre-integrated solution facilitates rapid deployment, enabling sophisticated and intelligent operations across various settings while ensuring the on-site security of sensitive information.

“Our 5G Mobile Private Network delivers robust, secure connectivity throughout our factory floors and warehouses, crafted for industrial application with user-friendly management features for devices and the network. It supports uninterrupted mobility for individuals, assets, and goods, enhancing productivity and efficiency with a focus on security and cost-effectiveness,” explained Janez Öri, 5G MPN and Cloud Director at Kontron in Slovenia.

The industrial 5G Private Network solution provided by Kontron introduces unprecedented levels of secure wireless connectivity, featuring high bandwidth, low latency, and superior coverage and stability within the Augsburg manufacturing site. This state-of-the-art infrastructure can be effortlessly managed by onsite IT personnel or remotely as a managed service.

This investment secures a robust, future-proof network infrastructure that caters to both present and future wireless connectivity requirements within the factory and warehouse settings. It supports highly reliable wireless Industry 4.0 applications along with secure IT connectivity for mobile devices and laptops.

“The Kontron 5G Private Mobile network's adaptability is ideally suited for settings like our Augsburg facility, which demands smooth, reliable network coverage, bandwidth comparable to wired connections, and elevated privacy and security standards. It further promises future capabilities for deterministic transport of critical control data over a unified wireless infrastructure. We plan to progressively transition from wired to wireless 5G networks to facilitate a more adaptable production environment with easily reconfigurable production islands and enhanced processes, such as automated, AI-driven quality assurance, improved operational communication, heightened security, and overall paperless workflows in both manufacturing and warehousing,” remarked Walter Gruber, Director of Production & Logistics Site Manager Augsburg at Kontron Europe.

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