Vivanco Use RedMere Technology For Premium Active High Speed HDMI Cables

4th March 2013
ES Admin
RedMere has announced that Vivanco has launched the latest generation of a premium HDMI cable brand SOUND & IMAGE using RedMere’s Smart Cable technology. This new line of High Speed HDMI cables is called SOUND & IMAGE Ultra and is an incredible 75% slimmer than a standard cable, perfect for discreet, non-intrusive installation or travelling.
SOUND & IMAGE Ultra HDMI cables, powered by RedMere, are ultra-thin yet guarantee the ultimate picture and audio, delivering full 1080p, 3D and 4K resolutions.

RedMere is the world recognized leader in “active” cable technology. Its technology works using a booster module which includes a tiny chip, and resides in the cable connector, based on numerous patented RedMere technologies. The “smart” chip does all the work that copper and PVC did in standard, passive HDMI cables, allowing cables like SOUND & IMAGE Ultra to become ultra-thin, light and portable – perfect for disguising in the home behind home theatre equipment or carrying with you.

Vivanco presents a unique packaging to match the elegant design of the products and to highlight the quality of the new SOUND & IMAGE range. SOUND & IMAGE Ultra – the RedMere enabled High Speed HDMI cable with Ethernet will retail from €49.99 and are available now.

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