Torsion- Resistant Cables Specifically for use with Wind Generators

27th July 2007
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Leading cable solutions provider, Lapp Ltd, has made available a new torsion resistant, rubber, single core cable designed by the company specifically for use with today’s wind energy generators. Part of the company’s established Olflex cable family, the H07BN4-F features an abrasion resistant outer sheath and a conductor that that has been developed to allow for torsional movements of ± 150º/m which makes it suitable for connecting the moving gondola to the ground floor transformer. Voltage rating is from 450 to 750V and it meets the exacting requirements of VDE 0282 part 12. Maximum conductor temperature is +90ºC and the black outer sheath is UV resistant and flame retardant to IEC 60332.1.
Operating temperature range of the new Olflex cable is very wide at up to -35ºC to +90ºC and this feature, together with the properties of the outer sheath, makes the H07BN4-F suitable for mobile and fixed installations in dry or damp enclosures as well as for outdoor use.

“We have spent a lot of time with both manufacturers and users of wind energy generators and inverters and the result is this new torsion resistant cable family” Says Product Marketing Manager Matt Ansell “These products are designed to offer complete renewable energy cabling solutions from the gondola to the floor in the latest systems - some of which can be up to 100m high and weigh up to 14 tonnes. In these applications, the energy and the measurement, data and control cables must be very tough and capable of withstanding extremes of pulling and twisting.” he concludes.

Commenting on Lapp’s approach to renewable energy, Andreas Lapp, the Group’s Chairman says, “Within the Lapp Group, we have been working for many years now developing products for use with renewable energy systems. As a result, Lapp offers a specially matched range of cables for the generation of wind and solar energy as well as products for use with bio-fuels.”

“The field of renewable energies is not just a growth market for us, but is also an obligation to commit ourselves to protection of the climate and of our environment. Thus for some time now, the roof of our main logistics centre in Stuttgart has incorporated a huge solar unit with a generation capacity of 168 kWh. The saving in terms of CO2 is around 95,000 kg per year. Heat recovery units have been installed in the cable production area, saving considerable amounts of energy and all the products and packing materials used by the Lapp Group are free of asbestos and CFCs.”

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