Top 5 cables/connecting products in June

28th June 2024
Sheryl Miles

Electronic Specifier takes a look at the top 5 cables/connecting products to have been released in June 2024.

KYOCERA AVX releases waterproof poke-home connectors

KYOCERA AVX has released the new 9289-000 Series waterproof wire-to-wire connectors, which are designed to deliver economical, space-saving, user-friendly, and high-reliability IP67 connections in a variety of industrial, transportation, commercial, and consumer electronics applications.

These new single-piece, three-position waterproof wire-to-wire connectors are the sixth poke-home wire-to-wire connector series in the KYOCERA AVX portfolio but the first waterproof connectors in the range, as well as the first waterproof KYOCERA AVX connectors to feature its industry-proven poke-home contact technology. (Read more.)

Colour-coded single-position terminal blocks

CUI Devices’ Interconnect Group has announced a new range of single-position terminal blocks with blue, green, red, white, and yellow colour options that can be intermixed to create colour-coded wire connections.

The TBL-0014-750, TBL-0015-750, TBL-0016-1000 series are screwless terminal blocks featuring either a push-in spring or lever-actuated connection style for simplified wire termination, pitches of 7.50 mm or 10 mm, and 1 to 6 position options. (Read more.)

KYOCERA’s wire-to-board card-edge connectors with solderless contact

KYOCERA AVX, a global manufacturer of advanced electronic components engineered to accelerate technological innovation and build a better future, has launched the new 9169-000 Series single-piece wire-to-board card-edge connectors.

The new 9169-000 Series wire-to-board card-edge connectors combine two field-proven solderless contact technologies that make it easy to establish high-integrity connections and deliver excellent electrical and mechanical performance in harsh-environment automotive, transportation, and solid-state lighting, industrial, and consumer electronics applications: insulation displacement contacts (IDCs) for reliable cold-welded, gas-tight wire-to-connector terminations, and beryllium copper (BeCu) compression contacts for high-reliability wire-to-board terminations. (Read more.)

Smiths Interconnect introduces Hypertac Green Connect contact technology

Smiths Interconnect announced the launch of Hypertac Green Connect, a new lead-free and Beryllium-free hyperboloid high-power contact technology. This addition enhances its high-reliability contact technologies for demanding applications.

As the world undergoes a significant transition from fossil fuel engines to electric power, the importance of batteries has surged across a variety of systems, including rail transport, defence, commercial buses, mining operations, boats, and ports. (Read more.)

Inelco Hunter now offering bayonet connectors

Amphenol distributor Inelco Hunter has announced the release of the Small Thread Adaptor (STA) Option for the Sine Systems DuraMate product line. This Small Thread Adaptor features an advanced "step down" threading design, making it suitable for use with screw-on or clamshell backshells.

These adaptors provide an economical, quick-connect, bayonet-locking solution, designed to endure the harsh conditions and complexities of off-road applications. (Read more.)


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