KYOCERA AVX releases waterproof poke-home connectors

28th June 2024
Harry Fowle

KYOCERA AVX has released the new 9289-000 Series waterproof wire-to-wire connectors, which are designed to deliver economical, space-saving, user-friendly, and high-reliability IP67 connections in a variety of industrial, transportation, commercial, and consumer electronics applications.

These new single-piece, three-position waterproof wire-to-wire connectors are the sixth poke-home wire-to-wire connector series in the KYOCERA AVX portfolio but the first waterproof connectors in the range, as well as the first waterproof KYOCERA AVX connectors to feature its industry-proven poke-home contact technology.

Engineered to simplify, speed-up, and error-proof the termination process for a broad range of power and signal applications that require waterproof connections, the new 9289-000 Series waterproof wire-to-wire connectors enable simple, tool-free strip-and-poke-home wire insertion and twist-and-pull wire extraction for both solid and stranded wires, which facilitates quick, easy, accurate, and economical in-field connections with IP67 protection. The series features transparent polycarbonate insulators that allow installers to visually confirm wire positioning and ensure proper insertion and single-piece phosphor bronze contacts with tin-over-nickel plating and high-force contact beams that provide superior mechanical stability and maximum-strength wire retention in addition to integral wire-stops that prevent over insertion. It also offers space and cost savings compared to two-piece wire-to-wire connectors that require contact crimping and subassembly.

The new 9289-000 Series waterproof wire-to-wire connectors are rated for up to 10A, up to 1,000VACRMS or the DC equivalent, and operating temperatures extending from -40°C to +80°C and facilitate IP67 connections for 16AWG wire with outer diameters spanning 2.0–2.2mm or 3.0–3.2mm. They are also UL approved and RoHS compliant and ideal for applications including factory automation equipment, outdoor recreational vehicles, transportation lighting, horticulture lighting, other outdoor power and lighting applications, home appliances, and drones. Parts are packaged in bulk in quantities of 200 pieces per bag, and variants with other contact counts and wire sizes are available upon request.

“We’re thrilled to introduce our first waterproof poke-home connectors,” said Perrin Hardee, Product Marketing Manager, KYOCERA AVX. “The new 9289-000 Series single-piece, poke-home waterproof wire-to-wire connectors fill a gap in the industrial, transportation, commercial, and consumer electronics markets by facilitating quick, easy, accurate, economical, and space-saving in-field connections with IP67 protection, superior mechanical stability, and maximum wire retention strength for both solid and stranded wires.”

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