Smiths Interconnect introduces Hypertac Green Connect contact technology

12th June 2024
Paige West

Smiths Interconnect announced the launch of Hypertac Green Connect, a new lead-free and Beryllium-free hyperboloid high-power contact technology.

This addition enhances its high-reliability contact technologies for demanding applications.

As the world undergoes a significant transition from fossil fuel engines to electric power, the importance of batteries has surged across a variety of systems, including rail transport, defence, commercial buses, mining operations, boats, and ports.

A key factor uniting these diverse applications is the method of interconnection. Current market solutions suffer from significant energy losses due to high contact resistance. Smiths Interconnect addresses this issue with the advanced design of its original hyperboloid contact, aimed at reducing power loss.

This solution ensures optimal utilisation of each kilowatt-hour of energy stored in the battery, enhancing overall efficiency and performance. Specifically tailored for the battery systems market and related applications, this hyperboloid contact design provides a robust connection capable of efficiently handling continuous currents of up to 500 amperes.

The lower contact resistance of Hypertac Green Connect technology reduces heat build-up, allowing the contacts to handle greater current in smaller assemblies without adversely affecting temperature rise. The technology uses a set of socket wires, angled to form a hyperboloid-shaped, elastic, and conductive sleeve. When the mating pin enters the socket, the sleeve expands around it, providing multiple lines of electrical contact, unlike the few ‘high spots’ found in conventional contacts.

Additionally, the elimination of beryllium and lead from Hypertac Green Connect delivers significant operational and environmental benefits. These materials previously required extensive compliance management, including certifications and declarations, which were both time-consuming and costly. By removing these substances, overall compliance documentation requirements are reduced, and manufacturing processes are made safer for both workers and customers. Moreover, the costly need for environmentally-safe disposal is eradicated.

The improved crimp design of the socket establishes an increased contact area between the contact body and the multi-stranded cable, contributing to low contact resistance. This advanced solution promises to revolutionise power management and usage across various industries, ensuring efficient and prolonged energy transfer.

“To provide a groundbreaking solution to the growing battery systems market including high voltage packs for electric mobility, we have developed an innovative contact technology specifically designed to offer an unparalleled performance by reducing power loss,” says Mark Kelleher, VP and General Manager of the Connectors Business Unit at Smiths Interconnect. “I’m delighted to present this advanced solution to the market which combines the proven original hyperboloid technology with the latest environmental-friendly requirements.”

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